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The worst contemporary massacre: The Zaria massacre

It is exactly seven years now. The beginning of the month of Rabiul awwal was the onset to the 3- day massacre of the century. We continue to mourn this unfortunate fateful event. The Zaria Massacre, which happened between 12th to 14th December 2015 was an " all out war" to eliminate Sheikh Zakzaky and dislodge the Islamic Movement under his leadership. "once and for all".

It was a combined effort by the evil gang comprising of the Zionists, imperialists and their pawn, the wahhabists. They used a willing stooge, chronic saddist, wicked Brutus Buhari, who even in his childhood days was nicknamed ‘Liti mugu’, to execute it.

The Zionists are jittery about the rising resistance to their apartheid occupation and increase in the solidarity to Palestinian struggle in Nigeria. The imperialists led by USA, UK and France are fearful of the "threat" to their plan of second scramble for African vast resources, which was exposed by El- Zakzaky. The wahhabi Saudi Royal family rule, was brought to this unholy alliance due to its arch, clueless enmity to anything Shiah or Iranian.

These world arrogant gang used accomplices to the Brutus notably Buratai and misdirected the Nigerian Army to massacre more than 1000 innocent Nigerian citizens, among which are the elderly men, women and children. The Army deployed all war arsenals into civilian quarters and breached not only the rule of law, but even their rule of engagement. They collaborated with another partner in crime, the dwarf animal El- rufai and dumped the corpses in various mass graves, notable among which is the one at Mando, inorder to cover their horrible crimes against humanity. All the criminals behind these blatant crimes against humanity shall sooner or later face Justice at the ICC in the Hague.

The Zaria pogrom woefully failed. None of its aims were achieved. They continue to commit blunders upon mistakes which will never bring forth a right. Sheikh El- Zakzaky and his wife Malama are currently in urgent need of medical care outside the country but the same cruel Buhari is denying them this right by placing travel ban on their passports. We will continue with our call for the lift of this unjust ban. Justice for Zakzaky.

Associate Professor Dauda Nalado writes from Kano Nigeria