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The Whole Humanity needs to know Ghadeer and what it stands for- Sheikh Zakzaky.

The Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) sent a message of congratulations to Muslim Ummah on the event of Ghader marked at Iranian Embassy in Nigeria on Wednesday the 1th of Dhul Hijjah 1444 ( 5th of July 2023) in Abuja.

In the speech delivered by Dr Yusha’u Usman, the Leader says the occasion of Ghadeer should be made known to all humanity. “The message of Ghadeer was the will of the Prophet (SAW) which he enjoined those present to pass to those absent; parents to their children; generations to another up to the last day. We are duty-bound, as we celebrate the occasion, to pass this message not only to the Muslim ummah but also to all and sundry. The whole of humanity needs to know about Ghadeer and what it stands for. We shall remember that we would be asked on the day of judgment on whether we pass this will of the Holy Prophet or not. ”

The leader also described Ghadeer as a day of hope for the entire humanity

“Ghadeer is also the day of hope as the entire humanity will one day look for a way out after years of suffering under tyranny and tyrannical systems. May Allah (SWT) hasten the appearance of the Sultan of the Time under whom we will all be delivered. ”

In his welcome address the Iranian Ambassador to Nigeria, Mohammad Alibak, spoke about the importance of the Eid al Ghadeer and concluded his speech by condemning Sweden’s desecration of Islamic sanctities, which sparked the outrage of the world’s Muslims.

Other speakers include Sheikh Zubair, Sheikh Baqir, and Sheikh Umar Abubakar Kumo from Gombe State.  Sheikh Umar Abubkar described the appointment of Ali on Ghadeer as a way of preserving Islam  “Imam Ali was the preserver of Islam. He was the protector of the religion.”

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