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The West dont care if millions are killed for their interest- S. Khamenei

Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei considered that the Syrian and the Bahraini crises are part of the Western attempts to dominate over the region.

Imam Khamenei described, before a crowd of religious clerics, the western countries’ alleged concerns about the human rights situation in Syria as mere lies, stressing that despite its claims, the West will not care if millions of people are killed.

“We should be powerful against the western world because they have shown that they do not have mercy for anyone and unlike their human rights’ claims and pretensions, their conscience will remain unaffected even if millions of people are killed,” the Supreme Leader said.

Ayatollah Khamenei reiterated that telling lies and pretension are the typical traits of the western politicians, and added, “In essence, the westerners do not feel upset with the Hiroshima massacre, the killing of millions of people in the First and Second World Wars and the massacre of innocent people of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq.”

The same thing is true about the future, the Supreme Leader reiterated, saying that the West will not be fearful of killing humans whenever its interests require doing so.

“Hence, we should boost our internal might and strength in the various political, governmental, livelihood and popular fields.”

The Leader’s remarks came as the US plans to start war on Syria under the pretext of saving people from the alleged use of chemical weapons by the Damascus government.