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The unprovoked attack on Islamic Movement and Arrest of Sheikh Zakzaky

Thousands of people are feared killed by the Nigerian soldiers on Saturday and Sunday after laying siege of Gyallesu area. The exact number of people killed cannot be specified now.

The well armed soldiers went o Gyallesu area on Saturday the 12th of December, 2015 at around 10: 30 pm. They opened fire on a wooden Tea Shop where they set it ablaze as many killed on the spot. In about 1 hour time, over 50 people were killed in the area among them are Mallam Hamzah Yawuri who is in charge of Guards and Sister Nusaiba Abdullahi Sokoto.

By around 4:00 pm the figure of the dead in the area reached over 200. Few hours later the Soldiers ordered for a reinforcement which they got claiming that they were advancing!!

They approached the residence of the Sheikh from different directions after killing hundreds of innocent and armless people. The atrocities of the soldiers which started on Saturday night continue upto Sunday morning. By Sunday the figure of the dead rose to several hundred as they approached the residence. After coming in contact with the residence of the Sheikh and having killed almost everyone, the soldiers waited for a while around the building firing several ammunations, shooting anybody who came out of the house or make any move. They  Attacked the building from all directions with gunshots and explosives.

They later attacked it with a grenade which set a part of the residence on fire in show brevity while the Sheikh, his family members and several prominent supporters were inside. During the raid prominent supporters of the Sheikh were also killed including his 3 sons Hammad, Ali and Humaid. What madness!!

They arrested the Leader and took him to unknown destination on Sunday the 16th. The Soldiers shot him in 4 places- on his arms, close to his eye  after they took him.

Malama Zeenah, the Sheikh’s wife was also shot. The Sheikh and his wife are not killed, however, their health condition is not known yet as access to them was denied. The soldiers went to back to the residence of the Sheikh Zakzaky and leveled it to ground.

Searching to Kill

The Soldiers even broke into houses in the area and killed anyone on cite.  The atrocities of the Nigerian army knows no bound as even many  occupants in Gyallesu Quarters were killed in their own houses in the name of killing Shias.  Women and young were not spared too.

Having arrested the Later soldiers went house by house searching for young men to kill. And they killed a number of them in the process. Later they went back to the houses again searching for some signs like ring, prayer book, counting bits or any sign they attached to Shias and killed anyone they found.

They even claim that young shias have plenty hairs on their heads and in this way many young people were killed in their houses.

Attack on Husainiyyah and Darur Rahmah

While at Husainiyyah there were over 500 people. The building was siege as one of the victims who made a phone called by around 3:30 am on Sunday explained. They soldiers killed everyone at the vicinity of the building and asked those inside to come out.  Anyone who came out was killed; having seen what happened to those who left the building, the people inside refused to go out. By Around 4am Sunday the soldiers launched attack on the building with explosives and bombs killing the people enclave among them were children who were trapped inside and the injured who were receiving treatment of gunshots. Some of the victims died of injuries for lack of medical attention as they blocked all routes.

They soldiers went to Jannatu Darur Rahma– the burying ground of martyrs with a mosque and a conference hall, and shot dead the hundreds people there while some died of injuries. Before they left they destroyed it and set the place ablaze.

The claims of the Nigerian Army

The Nigerian Army has not denied the crime they committed and they can never do so. The Claim of assassination attempt on the life of Chief of Army Staff is a blatant lie and cannot be accepted by even a common man on street. They even fooled the world that Chief of Army Staff was attacked with gun. With which weapon can armless face the security of the Chief of Army Staff?!!!

 More of such claims continue to emerge from the army with latest been that the Islamic Movement is violent or is forming a Government within a Government!  Nobody shall be fooled with such claims.

One will keep wondering how the Army can kill several hundreds of citizens mercilessly and still claim right.

Where are the weapons they recovered  from Husainiyyah, Sheikh’s residence or Darur Rahma?!!! Although, there is plan of presenting recovered arms; all this will be in vain God-willing. Regarding the corpses taken away by the Soldiers there is a report of plan to do mass grave for them in an unknown location.

Moreover, they did not only deny access to the injured for medical attention they also blocked people from burying the dead bodies.

We call on all humanity to condemn the crime of the Nigerian Army.

Killing a people of faith or ideology can neither kill the faith nor the ideolgy. Whatever the case Truth surely shall triumph over falsehood. 

Isah K.