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The terrorists breeding gangsters

By Abdulmumin Giwa
Following a public event organized by the Council for Sharia in Kaduna to “enlighten Muslims on the activities of Shi’ites”, sponsored by the perpetrators of the December 2015 Zaria massacre, the Council has publicly denounced Shi’ites and Shi’ism.

Speaking to newsmen after the event, the chairman of the Shariah Council Mr Yusuf Sambo Rigachikun declared that Shi’a is not Islam and Shi’ites are not Muslims.
This was widely circulated in various media outfits carrying various headlines including “Shi’ites are hypocrites”.
In response to this brouhaha by the self-appointed Sheikh, I will not degrade the dignity of my pen describing who a morally decadent and irresponsible man is because he is claiming to be a religious cleric. I will not also waste my time reminding the public how corrupt he is because of his trade of moving from one office to the other begging for what to eat from politicians and public workers in the name of religion.
I’d rather talk about the issues they have raised calling on the government to implement the white paper produced from the report of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry JCI set up to indict the Islamic Movement in Nigeria IMN and justify the incessant killing of its members.
We are aware that the government had planned to implement a biased report that will give the IMN a bad name in order to hang it. Unfortunately for them the IMN did not attend the JCI when it became clear that it was a plot.
However in the spirit of impunity and oppression, the JCI continued a one sided operation in order to achieve the intended plan of banning the IMN..
The recommendations put forward by the JCI contradicted some of their submissions made in the report thereby proving that those recommendations were there ever before the reports were prepared.
Based on the natural principles of justice that require every side of an incident to be cross-examined before a fair judgment could be said to have been made, the JCI report, being a one-sided affair lacks every moral standing to be implemented.
This is so because the JCI deliberately kept away from cross-examining the primary victims of the massacre in Zaria even as they are being kept in illegal detention with the DSS and Kaduna Prison. All it wanted from the IMN was to hear from third parties while those who committed the crime were there in person.
Hence, the government intends to implement its sinister plot of banning the IMN using the concocted whitepaper and so it devised a plan of sponsoring calls from groups such as the sharia council to call on it to implement the whitepaper.
Hence the seminar was sponsored and the so-called hungry clerics were paid for their job. Other sponsored groups are also following in the same line in order to clear the way for the government to achieve its plan implementing a one sided report.
We in the IMN are not surprised at all because a Wahhabi element makes this kind of declaration as many of them were sponsored to go and make the same submissions before the JCI when it was sitting hence, the monotonous submissions by those who presented memos before the commission.
The only option left for the government is to purchase dignity for the report that lacks credibility in order for it to be implemented and so the Arabic speaking idiots were contracted.
Naturally, the so-called clerics and sectarian bigots would do nothing less because some of their brothers contracted as commissioners in the JCI even wrote books calling for the massacre of Shi’ites.
They believe they are the only Muslims and anyone that does not accept their ideas they declare him a non-Muslim.
What more would one expect from a club of terrorist breeding gangsters called Sharia Council that have no regard for the Prophet of Islam and his Household.
They along with the government were assigned with synergetic roles of destroying and putting an end to the IMN that who believe in a brand of Islam they despise.
As stakeholders in rape and the massive murder of women and children charged with the responsibility of and paid by the government to use Islam to justify incessant killings, nobody is surprised by the declarations of the Arabic speaking idiots and sectarian bigots.
It could clearly be seen that they are a bunch sectarian extremists who have since been celebrating the December 2015 Zaria massacre.
Every sane and right-thinking person knows that they are not a collection men of God but a collection of touts and thugs dressed in cleric cloaks. No true man of God would ever for the sake of worldly materials and money support incessant killings and massacre of innocent human begins simply because they differ in understanding.
Definitely, a people with this type of negative mentality, who lack every sense of tolerance and understanding of their fellow Muslim faithful would never be expected to have any respect or regard for the Christians who they see as their arch-enemies.