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The Sky Also Cried for Imam Husain (AS)

The Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria Sheikh Zakzaky spoke further on what happened  after the martyrdom of Imam Husain(alaihis salam) in the plain of Karbala.

He narrated the incidence before mourners who gatered at Husainiyyah on 18th Muharram 1435. He said, Having killed the Son the Prophet, his family members and companions, the killers took their heads to Ibn Ziyad. They searched for all the martyred bodies in order to cut their heads which they would carry to  Ubaidullah bn Ziyad for worldly rewards and to be praised for the dirty job. The Heads were shared  among the various tribes who participated in the genocide under Shimr who was the leader, each carrying certain number of heads.

70 heads were shared among the tribes in addition to women and children whom were taken as captives, according to varying reports.  Another report says 27 members of Ahlulbayt(AS) were killed frm the children of  Jafar(AS), Aqee(AS)l, Imam Hassan(AS), Imam Ali(AS) and Imam Husain(AS).

Some children of Imam Hassan remained. Like Hassan bn Hassan who  survived injuries;  his attackers thought he had been dead.  He was spared through the intervention of his maternal men. Also,  Zaidu bn Hassan, who was not in Karbala, lived a long a life. So, the progenies of Imam Hassan came through these his two sons.

Among the Children of Imam Husain who lived after Karbala tragedy was Aliy bn Husain (AS) and 3 or more others, according to different reports.  

On the number of Karbala martyrs, the Sheikh said tThe number of killed in Karbala are either 72 or 78, also in accordance with different reports.

After the beheading, the heads were  taken to Ibn Ziyad.

 Next is the issue of burying the bodies. Banu Asad- people from Gadariya,  took the  responsibility  of burying the bodies.  Imam Husain was burried close to the spot he was killed; his family members were buried close to the Imam (AS). To date, The spot where Imam Husain (AS) was killed emanates pleasant smell every day.

Then after the tragedy,  a number of miracles and ayah  occurred.   According the hadeeth of Ummu Salam(RA), she heard about the  killing of the Imam from the  Prophet (AS) who  gave her a sand to keep telling her that when it turns reddish, then Imam Husain has been killed. She kept the container with her, and when the Imam intended to go to Iraq she objected because of  what she knew. The Incidence when Imam Husain requested the sand from her, surprised her as  how Imam Husain knew about it- Alas, the holy Prophet had informed him about the matter.

 Umm Salamah observed the sand and one day it  turned red on 10 Muharram signifying the death of Imam Husain(AS). She cried, when asked,  she answered Imam Husain was killed. 

There is a report too  which says Ummu Salama saw the Prophet in her dream covered with dust, she asked him(SAWA) , he (SAWA) said he was in Karbala digging graves  for Husain and his companions. There are other reports on this too in Sunni sources. There is similar dream  of ibn Abbas too.

When Imam Husain was killed, there occurred eclipse of the Sun in addition to darkness followed by  black wind. The sky turned red which was unknown before, signifying its weep for the Imam. In other reports, the Earth and the Sky had never wept for anybody before except Yahaya bn Zakariya(AS) and Imam Husain(AS). In the case of Imam Husain(AS) the earth and the sky wept for him for 40 consecutive days.

After the killing in Karbala, the killers looted the Imam’s properties and  his athaar. Different calamities befell the victims in different ways after using the items like the shoe, amamah etc.

Shimr took gold, and gave it to his daughter.  When the daughter took the gold to Blacksmith, the gold became destroyed when put in fire.

Another miracle is that, blood was seen under all rocks and stones everywhere in the world. All creatures cried including the Sky, the earth and Jinns. Why will it not be?!! when the Prophet himslef wept, as well as Imam Ali(AS).