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The Second day of Zahra(AS) Maulid Activities

The Leader of the Islamic Movement Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky  spoke further on the  merit of Sayyidah Fatimah (SA) with references from Sunni sources.

 The Merit of Sayyidah are numerous, he said, and are recorded in many books,  he however, lamented how those reports are not given much consideration and value even by the Scholars of the path of companions who know about them. Effort by various kings to diminish the merit of Ahulbayt(AS) and or assign the same values to others has been major point in his discussions. He described those reports as unfounded and baseless.

One of such report is on issue of Adha and iqamah (call to prayers) in which a sentence is added despite the fact that there is hadeeth of Sayyidah Fatimah on the matter which negates Sunni various reports and incidences that lead to having a formal way of Adha. He lamented that despite her closeness with her father her reports are quite very few in Sunni sources, he said this is deliberate effort to lower the status of Ahlubayt(AS).

Her closenes to the Prophet(SAWA) and her servitude to him made the Prophet to name her " umm Abiha" (the Mother of her father). She treated her father as mother does to child. She comforted him and removed all ills directed to him by the Quraish.

On the issue of her teachings, Sheikh Zakzaky said they are too nemroous to be studied in fews days like this. It should be studied continously just like how Nahjul balaghah is being studied for years. Her sermons are plenty as reported by her Dauhgter Sayyidah Zainabul Kubrah(SA) who happened to live a long life.

Her love is incumbent upon all believers. The Prophet one day addressed Salman(RA) ‘ Oh Salman the Lover of Fatimah will be with me on the Day of Judgement” , in another traditon The Prophet was reported to have said Love of Fatimah is benefial in hundred situations, the least of them are at the point of death, in the grave, during weighing of deeds on scale,  on the day gathering people, during crossing of sirat, and  during hisab. These are the least places.

Allah is pleases with whom she pleases with and is displeased with whom she displeases with.This is a popluar hadeeth.

 Reports extolling her merit are numerous. Yet there are nemurous that are not reported because reoprting hadeeth on merit of Ahlulbayt is Punishable offence, it may lead to death.

her status is given to her by Allah, is not something that can attained or acquired by efforts in worship. This is the case with Ahulbayt(AS). So, effort to dimish or cover their merits is immaterial as they still remain with them forever.

After the lecture Sheikh Zakzaky recited ziyara of Sayyidah fatimah followed by closing prayers.