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“The Resistance of Ayatollah Khamenei Against America is Truly Ashoora-Like”

Friday preacher of Damam in Saudi Sheikh Abdoljalil Alzaki in an interview said: “At the time that the whole world was trying to take away religion and destroy Islam Imam Khomeini introduce the noble Islam to the World. Imam Khomeini could bring back honor and dignity to Islam.”

He considered Imam Khomeini as the continuation of the path the infallible Imams and said: “Imam Khomeini repeatedly stated in his remarks that whatever we have is from Ashoora. Imam was sure about this and this is why that all his action had Ashoora-like blessing.”

The Friday preacher of Damam in Saudi Arabia asserted: “Imam Khomeini has manifested the fear of God in himself and this is why all the arrogant powers of the world were afraid of him. Imam upset the global equations and turned it towards the Muslims and oppressed.” 

Sheikh Alzaki considered the acceptance of the global arrogance’s demands as an unacceptable act according to Islam and stated: “the Imperialist domination on the Islamic and revolutionary countries will cause loss of religion, looting the national wealth and lack of redemption for humanity.”

He added: “global Imperialism is seeking to stop the Islamic and revolutionary nations from their path and trying to prevent their progress.” 

The Friday preacher of Damam in Saudi Arabia by referring to the speeches of Imam Khomeini about standing against the global arrogant powers said: “We do not want the American Islam and the great Satan and we would never give any credit to them.”

He cited America and the Zionist regime as the cause of the crimes, rapes, murders and all the problems of the world and stated: “Imam Khomeini has a very nice expression about this when he said: “The occupying regime of Israel is like the cancerous tumor which has formed in the heart of the Islamic world.” 

Sheikh Alzaki emphasized: “I’m sure that if the Islamic nations become united with each other none of the global arrogant powers such as America, Israel or their allies would be able to overcome the Islamic countries, they would even submit and descend of the power of Islam.” 
He asserted: “If all of the global arrogance of the world came together, with all their advanced weapons like nuclear weapon or things like that to destroy Islam they would just face failure because God said in the Holy Quran that “Whoever is known by God, God will be with him” and also “if you help God he would help you too” and we know this very good that God would never violate His promises.” 

The Friday preacher of Damam in Saudi Arabia considered Imam Khamenei as the best person after Imam Khomeini and mentioned: “At the time that Imam Khomeini passed away, the global arrogance were happy that no one can stand against them like Imam Khomeini and the Islamic revolution will finish any time soon after him, but the appointment of Ayatollah Khamenei as the great leader of the Islamic revolution and his brilliant performance discourage them from achieving this goals.”   

He acknowledged that: “Islamic republic of Iran with the leadership of Imam Khamenei is like a pin into the eyes of America and Israel. The resistance of Ayatollah Khamenei against America is truly Ashoora-like.”

Sheikh Alzaki considered Imam Khamenei as someone who put his knowledge into practice and stated: “As Imam Khomeini acknowledged that one of the specifications of the supreme leader is to know the plans of the East and West; the leader of the Islamic revolution in addition to this characteristic he is a brave person; we never forget his statements at the united nations which caused the heresy to be all amazed at his amazing speech and caused the head of the heresy America and Israel to leave the main hall.