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The Recent Zaria Massacre was Contracted by Saudi Spearheaded by Western Arrogants and Nigerian Govt–Sheikh Ya’qoub Yahaya Katsina

By Muhammad Zuru
Lending his tune to the recent misguided and deceptive religious verdict echoed by great Mufti of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Yaqoub Yahaya Katsina, Ameer, Katsina zone of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria

 under the spiritual leadership of his eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, has rejoined the misguided Ali Sau’d and their stooges patronizing their terrorism across the globe.

The cleric aired the aforementioned statement yesterday, Monday, 12 of September, 2016, during an Eidil-el-Kabir preaching at Katsina. Sheikh Yaqoub while tracing the genesis of all religious Eid’s (festivities) and other centennial ceremonies been observed Muslims over the World acknowledged that, are injunctions revealed by Allah(The Most High) for Muslims over the World to unit themselves and breach all diversities among them. Sheikh Yaqoub also explained that, Eid’s was meant in other words, for Muslims to express their appreciation to their Lord over successful completion of a yearly worship.

Speaking to the to the old-aged mission of World Mongers to the Muslims’ World, the cleric debunked other confidential plans by these Western arrogance. He restated the Natanyahu’s statement aligning the current blood shed and conflicts happening in the middle east, that, the illegitimate state of Israel will be at rest over her fight against the Islam in the next 30 years.
Sheikh Yaqoub Yahaya also exposed the recent prediction by these enemies of Islam and humanity that, the Ali Sau’d regime would in the forth coming 30 to 50 years collapsed.

Responding on the recent Ali Sau’d great Mufti’s statement against Islamic Republic of Iran, the cleric has discernment the religious genesis of Ali Sau’d and that of Islamic state of Iran. He traced various epics of history where Ali Sau’d perpetrated acts that deserved terrorism, ranging to the advent of Islam during the Prophet Muhammad’s era to the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries.

Sheikh Ya’qoub Yahaya Katsina buttressed the fact that, Wahhabism was established by United States about 200 years ago through the British spy, Mr. Hamper in the 18th century, citing references from the treatises of ancient white men. He explained the blood spill in the 18th century during the inculcation and evangelism of Wahhabism during the era. From the advent of Islam and the establishment of Islamic states by the Holy Prophet during his era(sawa) till about eight successful passed centuries, there was nothing about Wahhabism in the Islamic World, till when the manufactured Mr. Hamper by United states come into existence which continued changing form to the last contractor, Ibn Abdul Wahhab.

The cleric acknowledged the sentimental Ali Sau’ds that, all the great ancient Sunni scholars been pride and proud of, by the Saudi Arabia were originated from Islamic Republic of Iran. He mentioned many traditionists and the commentators of Qur’anic exigencies such as Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Dawud, Mustadrakh al-Hakim, Zamkashri, Fakr al-Radhi, Nasa’i and many more were all originated from Iran. The cleric categorically stated that, "if Islamic Republic of Iran are infidels(Kuffars), what of those ancient and prided Sunni Scholars?"

While speaking on the December, 12-14 Zaria massacre, the cleric acknowledged that, the indiscriminate massacre of 1000+ defenceless and law abiding Nigerian Shi’ites and notorious demolition of sacred edifices of the Movement was a contract signed and patronized by Saudi Arabia and Western arrogance spearheaded by corrupt Nigerian government. He also attributed all the current conflicts and blood shed in the Middle east as been funded and patronized by the misguided Ali Sau’d. He explained the major income of Saudi Arabia generated from crude oil and how it had been utilizing part of these income in sustaining and funding terrorism in the World.

At the end of his speech, Sheikh Yaqoub Yahaya passed a predicting message to the Rtd. Gen. Buhari’s led administration and his Western stooges that, the Islam they are fighting will sooner or later overthrow his moribund power.