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The Rantings Of The Notorious Child-killer Elrufai

With the increase of National and International pressure for the genocidal Buhari regime to obey the court judgement that freed the leader of Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, and his injured wife from the more than four (4) years illegal detention incommunicado, Kaduna state Governor, Nasir Elrufai, is in the news again spewing insults and hate on Sheikh Zakzaky.

Elrufai fraudulently claimed that only court can free Sheikh Zakzaky. But a competent court freed Sheikh Zakzaky on 02 December, 2016, but the Buhari regime contemptuously refused to obey the court judgement. The whole world is aware of this.

The recent venomous ranting and veiled threat to kill Sheikh Zakzaky by the Midget Satan Elrufai underlined their total failure to destroy the peaceful Islamic Movement in Nigeria despite the Genocide, massacres, illegal detentions and massive campaigns of calumny and demonization. Their Saudi Wahhabi masters are not happy with them for the monumental failure. Today all programs and activities of the Movement are ongoing. Their hope was that millions will desert Sheikh Zakzaky but no single person has left Sheikh Zakzaky and hundreds of thousands has joined him since Zaria genocide. Millions will join him again whenever he is release. Sheikh Zakzaky is a gift of God to humanity. A light that genocidal oppressors and Bloodthirsty barbarians can never eclipsed the manifestation.

Elrufai full of venom and hate genocidally claimed that "Sheikh Zakzaky will be punished for the harm he caused people of Kaduna state". I have questions for this notorious child-killer who buried Shia children alive in Mando mass grave according to the comprehensive report of the London-based Amnesty International on #ZariaGenocide:

– Did Sheikh Zakzaky murdered 1000+ innocent children women and men in Kaduna state?

– Did Sheikh Zakzaky murdered 193 innocent children in Kaduna state?

– Did Sheikh Zakzaky murdered 297 innocent women with 29 of them pregnant in Kaduna state?

– Did Sheikh Zakzaky buried alive innocent children in Kaduna state?

– Did Sheikh Zakzaky burnt alive innocent citizens in Kaduna state?

– Did Sheikh Zakzaky created multiple mass graves in Kaduna state?

– Did Sheikh Zakzaky paid the Murderous Terrorists who murdered hundreds of innocent citizens in Southern Kaduna?

The world should not be deceived or distracted as to who is behind the illegal detention of Sheikh Zakzaky. President Buhari is behind the illegal detention of Sheikh Zakzaky. It was Buhari that sent heavily-armed soldiers with Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) and battles tanks to attack and kill more than one thousand followers of Sheikh Zakzaky.

In early 2016, President Buhari went to Qatar and said they killed 1000+ innocent children women, and men in Zaria to "curtail the rising influence of Iran in Africa". The video is available. Qatar was then under Saudi Axis. Two years later, the Saudi crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, elaborated on this in an interview with the American Times magazine that "they broke the backbone of Iran in Africa".

President Buhari is notorious in hiding behind his cronies to perpetrate evil. During the rigged Kano re-run, President Buhari fled Nigeria so that he will not be blame for the shameless rigging. When they want to remove the former Senate President Saraki, and attacked the National Assembly Buhari fled Nigeria. Buhari is Absolute evil. Elrufai is just a rabid dog of #TyrantBuhari sent by the gang of wicked mass murderers and notorious child-killers to raise dust.

On a final note, Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife are in need of urgent medical attention. The fact that Sheikh Zakzaky is alive today is a miracle from God. The dilapidated prison they dumped them in has no Health care facility and the Health care facilities of Nigeria is worst than those of the war torn countries of Syria, Yemen and Afghanistan. We should intensify the #FreeZakzaky campaigns.

Harun Elbinawi