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The Prophet’s Demise: Sheikh Zakzaky Clears Distortions

The Islamic movement in Nigeria led by Sheikh Zakzaky held commemoration marking the demise of the holy Prophet (SAWA) on Thursday the 28th of Safar 1434 (10/1/13) at Husainiyyah baqiyyatullah Zaria. 

The commemoration was well attended. The Leader delivered a lengthy speech which covered many areas such as the Prophet’s sickness, nursing, passing away, funeral and the happenings afterwards. He also cleared distortions regarding the events.

The event of demise of the holy Prophet was surrounded by many distortions in an attempt to cover important issues regarding the leadership of the Ummah after him to which Sheikh Zakzaky made clarification citing different sources.

Distortions regarding the Prophet’s demise

The chief among the lists of the distortion and fabrications aimed at raising the status of others and or to cover that of others is that the Prophet passed away while in the room of one woman and leaning on her body!  Sheikh Zakzaky cleared this distortion citing different sources. He said in reality, the Prophet passed away in his personal room in the presence of Ali (AS), Fatimah(SA), Hasan(AS) and Husain(AS) as nobody was present apart from them.

His funeral arrangement, washing and enshrouding was also carried by Imam Ali in accordance with Will of the holy Prophet(SAWA) as nobody was allowed to see the nakedness of the Prophet otherwise that person would become blind. So, Imam Ali undertook the entire event. He washed the body of Prophet, as Angel Gabriel turned the body.  After the prophet was enshrouded by Imam Ali, he led the Funeral Prayer with only 7 people. Later the Imam led people in group of 10 for the prayer.  Unfortunately, others went appointing Khalifah even before the Funeral prayer for the body of the Prophet (SAWA). When reporting the incidence they failed to even state that Ali led the funeral prayer of the Prophet(SAWA), neither did they say it was led by someone else, they just kept mute about the important event.

More on the issue of funeral prayer is that only wasiy of a Prophet led his funeral. This is the case since Adam. Ali, being the Wasiy of the Prophet and the Imam of the Ummah after him, undertook the entire event- he put the body inside the grave as Fadal assisted in lifting the body. This rejects distortion which says Mugheerah was the last to bid farewell to the Prophet in his grave. Mugheerah said, according to a report,  his ring fell inside the grave and he entered to take it and in the process embraced the Prophet’s body  thus making him the last to see the body of the Prophet.  Whereas, Ali is the first and the last, to see the holy Prophet(SAWA).

The holy Prophet died as a shaheed ( a martyr) as his death was as a result of poison he was fed with. A hadeeth says’ there is none among us (Prophets/Imams) except that he was either killed or poisoned’. His martyrdom took place on 28th of Safar 11AH.

More issues regarding Prophet’s demise(SAWA)

The holy prophet’s soul departed the world in his room, as Imam Ali said; no soul of a Prophet is taken away except in a place pleased by Allah. If there is any other room, then it had to be the room of Sayyidah Fatimah(SA).

Another matter is an address ascribed to one of the Sahabas regarding the news of the Prophet’s demise; the person said “anyone who worshipped Muhammad, then Muhammad is dead; and whoever worships Allah, He is living one…” the manner of the address is an act of disrespect by calling the name- Muhammad. In reality, none among the people who went Thaqeefah joined the funeral prayer of the Prophet or even saw his body.

The death which  Imam Ali described  as a museebah which is the greatest in  weight that cannot be taken by even mountains and rocks, yet others gathered at Thaqeefah to appoint Leader- they were busy after leadership. The Imam said he observed silence in order to carry out the order of the Prophet in his Will which include funeral prayer and the compilation of the holy Qur’an into unified authoritative form. It was Ali(AS) who compiled it not by Ummayyad as they said. It is the same Qur’an we have today.

The holy Imam being the last with the prophet also received special knowledge. The Imam  said the Prophet opened 1000  gates of knowledge to him, and each gate opens another 1000 gates. He also told the holy Imam that his share of khums will be denied to Ahlulbayt(AS), and that  blood  will be spilled.

 Review of events during life time of the holy Prophet (SAWA)

It is important to mention some of the major happenings regarding the holy Prophet(SAWA). His father passed away when the holy was not yet born and he lost his mother, Amina(SA) at the age of 4 or 7 or 8 (variation  due to sources of the reports); she died at a place called Abwah along Makka-Maduna route. The Prophet married Sayyidah Khadeejah(SA) at the age of 25. His brother Imam Ali was born 30 years after the Prophet was born. At the age of 40 the prophet declared his mission. Mi’raj (ascension) of the holy prophet  took place at the age of 45.  Zahra  was born after declaration of his mission. He lost Sayyidah Khadeejah when he was 50. He migrated to Madina at the age of 52.

His demise marked the beginning of the Imamate of Ali(As). It also marked the beginning of the confiscation of the right of succession from him and the beginning of the braking of oath of allegiance to him in Ghadeer.


After the lecture ziyara of the holy Prophet was recied by the Sheikh followed by the supplication of Kumayl