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The Prophet and Imam Husain(AS) are on the same course

The Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky(H) delivered the first lecture on Ashura commemoration at Husaniyyah Baqiyyatullah Zaria on Monday the 1st of Muharram 1435(4/11/13).

After normal Salutations, the Leader congratulated the gathering on the advent of new year and Ashura period adding that the fall of New Hijrah year marked the beginning of Ashura commemoration.

Introduction on Calendar

Speaking on calendars, he expressed that the two common calendars are the Solar and Lunar- both known to the Arabs Jahiliiyah before the advent of Islam. The Solar calendar has 365 !/4 days and some hours and minutes; while the Lunar has 3541/4 with additional hours and minutes too. The two are known to Muslims.

Contrary to Roman Calendar  which is commonly used was 10 months. Two months were added to The Roman calendar  to make it 12 months when they got to know that a year has 12 months. They discovered this not more than 500 years ago, with their discovery they gave them the name of idols they worshipped.

Whereas the Qur’an which its gradual revelation ended 1445 years ago already stated that ‘indeed the number of months with God are 12 since the creation of the Heavens and the Earth….”, ever since the creation of Earth and Heaven the calendar has 12 months as stated in the holy Qur’an.

So, in general term, the known calendars are three- the lunar, the solar and star. The Lunar calendar has to do with movement of the moon, while the Solar is to do with daily rise and set of the Sun. The Star one is to do with the Movement of stars and galaxies. All this are controlled by their Maker, the Almighty God, therefore none can exclusively claim the this or that  calendar belongs to them. As such there is no exclusive Western calendar as they also didn’t discover it. They got it from Islam.

The History and significance of  Hijrah Calendar.

Speaking on Hijrah calendar his eminence said, the Hijrih calendar started with the Migration of the holy Prophet form Makka to Madina, though some Scholars differ regarding New Islamic Year; some considered Ramadan or Rajab.

On recommended acts of worship to herald the New Year as well the acts and supplications of End of Year, the leader described some of them with their virtues and significance while reminding the gatherings that most or almost all supplications and recommended acts go with lunar calendar.

The second issue discussed by Sheikh Zakzaky is on Hijrah history and significance where he said people ever since regarded major event as reference to keep history. When Abraha armies, who attempted to destroy ka’aba, was destroyed by Allah, the Arab called the year the Year of Elephant and made it as reference. The Prophet was born in the 40 year after Am Fil ( the Year of Elephant).  So, his birth was recorded making reference to  the Year of Elephant. One good point to note is that destruction of Abraha armies was done to protect the holy prophet even before his birth.

Shedding the blood of a believer is more greater in the Sight of Allah than destruction of Ka’aba, what of more of a Prophet. Alas, Imam Husain(AS)’s blood was shed!!!!.

Due to the importance of migration of Prophet of Islam to Madina, the Year of Elephant was not longer regarded as reference point for calendar. Rather his Hijrah to Madina- a city which was named the City of the Prophet (Madinatul Rasul) upon his migration. With The Hijrah of the Prophet to Madina the first  Islamic state was established from where the Light of Islam began to spread to all nooks and corners of the world. . Thus the Hijrah was set to be Calendar for the Muslims. It was not set by any of the Companions, as some claimed. It was the Prophet who started using the Hijri Calendar not any of the Khalifah.

The Prophet went to Madina in peace and was highly accepted. He did not go there as asylum seeker, but  rather as a leader and a guide.

The Prophet and Imam Husain are on the same course

He left Makka out of threat to his life by the enemies of Islam, just as Imam Husain(AS) who migrated to Makka from Madina out of threat by  the Umayyads. Imam Husain(AS) left Madina in a broad day light. His migration occurred when Yazid sent Assassins to kill him even if found under the cover of the Kaaba. Thus, Imam Husain(AS) left Makka. When leaving Makka, series of letters from Kufa reached Imam, whereupon he sent his representative Muslim Bn Aqeel  to them. However, the migration of Imam Husain(AS) culminated into his martyrdom.  Imam Husain’s revolution is similar to the revolution of the holy Prophet (SAWA). The holy Prophet’s revolution was about changing the people from Jahiliyyah to Light of Islam; while Imam Husain(AS)’s revolution showed the true Islam.

The prophet had said’ Husain is of me and Im of Husain’ .Anything of the Prophet is that of Imam Husain and vice versa.

The martyrdom of Imam Husain in Karbala has changed the month of Muharram  to be the Month of Sadness and commemoration. It continues to be the Sunnah to date. If one wants to find true Islam he/she should trace back to Karbala. It was with the Imam in Karbala. Reviving Karbala tragedy is reviving true Islam.