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The Police Engagement of The Shia Islamic Movement Today is Shameful- Ebenezer Oyetakin

The Police Engagement of The Shia Islamic Movement Today is Shameful, Unwarranted, gross Irresponsibility and Highly Condemnable.  For more than a month, this Shiit Islamic Movement has been observing their protest( seat-out-protest )without molesting anybody, but rightly demanding the release of theirl eader: Sheikh Zakzaky in accordance with the Law. 

If there is any violence today, it is in my opinion provoked by overzealous security forces mismanagement of the peaceful protesters and it is most unfortunate.
It sometimes makes me to wonder if some of these security forces are not actually fifth columnist working against the interest of Buhari; Or rather some dangerous anti-Buhari enemies in the system, envisaged that with the protest so far and the international pressure; Buhari might want to yield and order Zakzaky’s release and decided to provoke this unwarranted violence in order to create excuse to continued to detain Zakzaky illegally.
For the uptent times, I strongly repeat that it has never been, it is not, and it will never be in the best interest of President Buhari or the Government to continue to detain Zakzaky.
I call for the immediate and unconditional release of Sheikh Zakzaky and a reconciliation process should be set up with the leadership and Leader of the Islamic Movement. It is more profitable, reasonable and more responsible to seek peace with all strata of society,particularly at this critical time when our hands are full with security challenges.
Zakzaky movement members are part of PMB electoral worth and strength. I confirmed that they voted massively for PMB, more so because I visited the Zaria Headquarters and call for their support for PMB. This was when some known Islamic leaders were collecting monies and discouraging Buhari’s contest.This is not how to reward such people.
Even if you succeeded in killing Zakzaky today, you definitely cannot destroy the Islamic Movement. It is foolishness to think otherwise.
We must make peace, negotiate and reconcile with them if need be a reparations. Islamic Movement of Nigeria is not a violent organisation .This particular violence is provoked unnecessarily by overzealous security forces!!!