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The Organisation of Madaris Jafria Pakistan Condemns Potiskum Ashura Attack

By k. isah
The Organisation of Madaris e Jafria Lahore, Pakistan sent its condoelence message to Islamic Movement in Nigeria over bomblast that killed 29 people in Potiskum which was targeted on Ashura Procession by the NIgerian Soliders on Monday the 3rd of Nov 2014.

The message, sent by Mr Yasir Ali, on behalf of  the organisation read as follows:

"Madaris e jafria Lahore, Pakistan condemns the brutal attack on peaceful mourners of Imam e Husain (alaihis salam) in Ashoura procession in the city of Potiskum, we present condolence to Imam e Zamana(AJ) and Imam e Husein (alehis salam) for these martyrs. Nigerian Forces must stop this brutality of killing Shia Muslims in Nigeria, they are acting as part of  US/Israel army,"

The letter concluded by saying  "We salute followers of Imam e Husein (alehis salam) in Nigeria who are giving thier lives but not going a single step back from the the path. We also salute the leader of the Islamic Movement in NIgeria Sheikh Zakzaky, and pray for his long life and safety"