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The Islamic Movement marks the occasion of Nisf Sha’ban.

The Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky marked the auspicious birthday commemoration of the Long Awaited Imam Al-Mahdi( May Allah hasten his re-appearance)

at Husainiyyah Baqiyyatullah Zaria on Sunday the 15th of Shaban 1434 (23/6/13). Attended by thousands who gathered at the well decorated Husainiyyah, the occasion was marked with lecture by the leader of the Islamic Movement, songs by the Poets on the long awaited savior of humanity, cutting of birthday cake as well as Ziyara of the Imam.

In his inspiring speech the leader of the Islamic Movement said  ‘today  we are commemorating the birth of the Imam of the Ummah, who was born on the 15th of Shaban 255AH and whose life was characterized by two occultation (Ghaibah)- the short and the long’. The Leader described the two occultation in details as well as what is expected of believers during the long occultation period he  described as the Era of Hope.

On the issue of Gaibah of the Imam, the Leader said it should not be disputed by those who don’t have a knowledge about it adding that keeping silent on something one does not know is better than denying it altogether. He further explained that the issue is well transmitted in the Sayings of Ahlulbayt(AS)- the infallibles which all Muslims should submit to.

On the issue of Khilafah, the Leader of said the Prophet being the last it is unbecoming for him to leave the Ummah without appointing his Successors as this will lead to many questions. Eg  who shall they refer to in new Matters as they arise and, who will be the guardian of the Ummah etc.

The leader said that the Prophet left behind  12 successors who are infallibles and all Muslims shall refer to them in all matters, Imam Mahdi is the last of them.

The Leader  further said all efforts were made, by some rulers in the past,  to ‘make’  a Mahdi in order to have the blessings while some individuals even claimed to be the Mahdi. He said this was because of the way the define the Imam as one who will be born in future whose parent name is similar to the name of Prophet’s parents.

In another part of his speech Sheikh Zakzaky described the miraculous birth of the long awaited Imam, who was born when all efforts were geared by the then rulers to frustrated his birth being fully aware than he was going to be borne by Imam Hasan Al-Askari(AS). So,  Imam Hasan was put under tight security and surveillance in an army garrison for easy monitoring. This was done just to know about the  birth of a new baby or even a sign of baby in order to kill him.

The Long awaited Imam was born, he said, under this condition and was even introduced by his father to some selected followers prior to his martyrdom. Living in harsh and difficult situation Imam Mahdi (AJ) experienced both short and long occultation. During the short one he was reached by his four representatives.  Sheikh Zakzaky explained.

 On the issue of the Long Occultation the leader explained the deeds to be observed by the followers of Ahlulbayt(AS) during the waiting of his re-emergence(AJ).  At the end of the programme birth day cake was cut. Ziyara of the Imam was also recited by the Leader followed by closing prayers.