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The Influence of Blood Towards Reforming Humanity– Sheikh Abubakar Abdullahi Sokoto

By Muhammad Ibrhaeem Zuru
Sheikh Abubakar Abdullahi Sokoto was one of the speakers at 2016 annual seminar organized by Youth Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria in Kano from 2nd of September to 4/9/2016.

Sheikh Abubakar spoke on the second day, Saturday, 3/9/2016, on influence of blood towards reforming humanity. The speaker fully explained that, reform is due when the humanity needed the reform are set for it. But God (the Most High) can elongate the reform when the humanity struggling for it are set. He further added that, the dream of Islamic Movement is along the way. What is highly needed is voluntary services to the Islam and the humanity as well as night vigils.

Emphasizing on voluntary services, the speaker described voluntary as the bedrock of all form of struggle or Movement in the way of Allah.

He cited references with the struggle and exemplary life of Imam Husain(AS) and his faithful companions. He explained how Imam Husain stood firm against injustice and tyranny. He described the sacrifice made by faithful followers of Imam Husain, where blood of scores were shed in the plane of Karbala as what was influencing minds towards the path of Imam Husain till date.

Sheikh Abubakar Sokoto at the end of his speech cited example of the struggle of late Mahat Maghandi, who affront the tyranny and injustice of arrogant powers of the West. He acknowledged how late Mahat Maghandi led his follower towards standing firm and confronting

tyranny as did Imam Husain and his followers.

youths confab kano

youths confab kano