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The Illogical Security Forces Have Lost it Again

Yesterday (10/7/2018) it was widely rumored that the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (Shiites as being called by some) are planning what the various unidentified sources termed as ‘Very big attack’ in some allocated areas in Kaduna. According to them, Sheikh Zakzaky, the revered leader of the movement will be facing trial being the reason for the attack.

It is very unfortunate and disappointing when I came to realize that our so called ‘security agents’, those who have the legal right to see to the actual fact of any matter that may arise, are the chief source of the widely rumored insinuation. This is what our so called ‘security system’ is being reduced to, full of lies, prejudiced and wholly biased.

The security agents should have been frank about who is actually planning a ‘Very big attack’ in Kaduna and stop keeping the masses in the loop. First of all, why should the Islamic Movement attack the residents of Kaduna?

It is a general knowledge that the Shiites are also residents of the same Kaduna, who also contribute in various strata towards its development. How could they simply overnight attack their homes and various working places? Where should they go to live after attacking their brothers, sisters, parents, friends, colleagues and business partners?

We are all witnesses in one way or the other, it is the security agents that are illegally persecuting, attacking, arresting and killing the peaceful Shiites and to this date there is no justified record of any single security agent reported to have been arrested or killed by them. Is this not a reason enough to conclude that they are the most peaceful people Nigeria has ever seen?

The Shiites have been conducting their peaceful protest daily in Kaduna and not a single report of harassment, assault or any other form of violence is being recorded. Why should they plan a ‘Very big attack’ all of a sudden on a day their leader will stand trial? After all, this is the third time the revered leader is been brought to the court, without the Shiites attacking anyone.

The Shiites have nothing to do with the people as far this issue is concerned. They know from the back to the moon those responsible for the continued illegal detention of their leader and they protested against them not the people of Kaduna or wherever. Had it been they have any plan of ‘Very big attack’ (which it is glaring to all that they don’t), it should be those responsible not the people. Thank God, the Shiites are peaceful and tolerant.

How I wish the security agents should be this much vigilant in obtaining intel like this, I mean where it really matters. The lives of those people been butchered in Plateau, Zamfara, Benue, Kaduna and other states should have been saved. Unfortunately, the illogical security agents prefer to commit to absurdity; while people are being killed on daily basis. God forbid!

How many times do the security agents ever obtain an intel of herdsmen or kidnappers prior to their attacks and worked professionally to avert its occurrence? The fact is, there is none! All they are good at is obtaining an absurd intel. This is a disgrace to our nation.

Now that the ‘Very big attack’ is not launched in Kaduna today (11th of July 2018), the security agents should bury themselves in shame. They should however be frank at the same time by telling the general public that “Security agents are planning a Very big attack on Shiites when they set out for their peaceful protest’. So, people should avoid the areas Shiites are expected to protest, for the fear of being a victim!”

The illogical security agents should have been this explicit in their absurd Press release. They should have helped avoid trouble and unrest in people’s mind. Many people slept uneasily yesterday and many were forced to remain indoors and skipped their various working places for the fear of being attacked by the Shiites. What a loss to social service!

Once an idiot, always an idiot they say. The security agents should know that the Shiites are the most logical and civilized people they should ever see in their lives. And to fight them, one needs to be equally logical. Something I believe with no iota of doubt the security agents will never be.

The security agents have now become agents of propaganda, hostility, persecution and perjury. Our security system is no longer reliable. With people like them overseeing our security affairs, I pray that Allah deliver us all.

For simply exercising their constitutional right as citizens of Nigeria, the security agents have no right whatsoever to attack them. The very least they can do if they fail to do their job as protectors of citizens lives, is to allow the Shiites to freely engage in their constitutional right; peacefully protesting against the continued illegal detention of their leader.

The general public should kindly disregard this kind of absurdity henceforth from the security agents. The Shiites have no plans to and will never attack anyone! This is one in a series of their many lies and insinuations against the peaceful Shiites.

– Najeeb Umar Maigatari.