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The Holy Prophet triumphed with good conduct, not with sword – Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky

By Ibrahim Usman

His Eminence further explained that, Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) fought imposed wars by enemies of Islam, to the extent that he was driven out of Makkah to Medina. “Even while in exile, he was not left alone, yet he continued to exhibit good conduct which won hearts of many people to Islam”.

He added that, when the Holy Prophet eventually got an upper hand over his enemies, he pardoned and spared their lives, which led to some of them embracing Islam.

Sheikh Zakzaky pointed out that, for one to attribute violence to Islam is ridiculing the religion. “The Holy Prophet, a perfect man, established a perfect society based on the supremacy of the rules of Allah. His personality became a model, while his action worthy of emulation. Such society established by the Holy Prophet they are now ridiculing by creating a terror cell called ‘Islamic State’, killing people”.

He further explained that, by establishing such terrorist groups in the name of Islam, they are trying to extinguish the light brought about by the Prophet of Islam, which perceive as the greatest threat and obstacle to their selfish interests.

His Eminence however assured that, the light brought by the Holy Prophet will envelope the entire world, and Islam will be firmly established.

On Maulud, Sheikh Zakzaky said commemoration of birthday of the Holy Prophet is a symbol of love and affection for him, saying there are virtues associated with such celebrations.


He called on people to emulate good conduct of the Messenger of Allah in all aspects of life.