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The Head of Imam Husain(AS) and that of Companions taken to Damascus/Pictures

The Leader of the Islamic Movement spoke further on Ashura tragedy after sermon of Ahlulbayt in Kufa. He narrated what happened to Heads of Imam Husain(AS) and his companions(RA).

Hawli As-bahi was given the head of Imam Husain by  Umar bn Saad to hand it over to Ibn Ziyad(LA). Arriving in the night, Hawli met the palace closed, thus took the head to his house. One of His two wives asked about the incidence, he said he came with heads instead of gold. The wife said she would not share bed with him forever; She left the house.  Hawli moved to the second wife’s house; the wife also observed glowing light emanating from the head as well as white birds going round the head.

Another report says there was a time when a man was seeking for forgiveness in Kaa’ba, yet admitting that his repentance will not be accepted from him. One man closed to him warned him against such type of utterances. The man doing the supplication narrated his story to the man, he said they were 50 in number who took the head of Imam Husain(AS) to Damascus. Along the way he saw, at one point in one of the resting places, a glowing light emanating from the head. He also saw Gabriel, Adam and other Prophets,  and Prophet Muhammad (SAWA); they all visited the head.  A funeral prayer was held. Gabriel was ordered to kill the 50 people. The man was spared when he seek the intervention of the Prophet(SAWA). He was spared but on the condition that he will not be forgiven. Thus, reason for his supplication in the manner he did in Kab’aba..

There are other  similar incidences.

Another issue of discussions is when the head was taken to the palace of Ibn Ziyad. The head was placed in front of Ibn Ziyad. He took a stick and hit at the teeth of the Imam  saying ridicolously that the Imam has good teeth arrangement. Ibn Ziyadh further said ‘today he took revenged of Badr’. Anas bn malik who was present  at the time and not happy the king’s attitude, said Husain(AS) is most resemblance of the Prophet(SAW).  Also, Zayd  bn Arqam told Ibn Ziyad to stop pointing  the lips with stick as he saw the Prophet kissing the lips for a number of times. The old man turned crying at which Ibn Ziyad said he could have beheaded him if not for his old age.

Another person challenged ibn Ziyad for what he was doing to the head of the Imam saying that he saw the Prophet(SAWA) placing Hasan(AS) nd Husain(AS)  on his lap praying for them.

In the Palace, Ibn Ibn Ziyad praised God for what his men did. Zainab replied him accordingly. She said they did what they did on people whom  God has chosen and raised Prophet among them. She labelled the doers of the type of deed of ibn Marjanata (ibn Ziyad) as Fasiqs and transgressors.

She said both the victims and Ibn Marjanata shall meet God on the Day of Judgment. He was annoyed with her remarks and wanted to kill her, another person cautioned him against killing women.

 Ibn Ziyad now talked to ALiyu bn Husain(AS). The Imam Replied him accordingly, he was ordered to be killed by Ibn Ziyad. Zainab , seeing his intention of killing the sick Imam,  came over and held him saying she preferred to be killed first before him.

The Imam addressed him that killing to Ahlulbayt is a norm and martyrdom is an honour. Ibn Ziyad ordered for the  arrest and isolation of Imam Zainaul Abidin in a separate house.

Later, Ibn Ziyad ordred to take round the head of Imam Husain(AS) in Kufa- along big and small streets of the city.  Ibn Ziyad climbed Pulpit and addressed the people. In his addressed he praised God for exposing the truth, for what he saw as victory against the Ahlulbayt(AS); also he had occupied positon of power!!!! This is the logic among the people to date.  Alas Imam Ali bn Abi Talib(AS) said One should  know the truth first, then he/she will be able to know who are on the true course.

In  his speech, Ibn Ziyad made mentioned of many bad things against Ahlubayt. One supporter of Shia  by name Abdullahi Bn Afif- a man of advanced age who lost his both eyes defending Imam Ali before,  rose up immediately and challenged ibn Ziyad saying ‘oh ibn Murjanata you and your father are the liars as well as the person who employed your and his father too- you are all liars’. He further said you killed the children of the Prophet whom Allah has purified, and at the same time making such bad utterances!!!

Ibn Ziyad, became  annoyed the more. He ordered for the arrest of Abdullah however, his tribesmen protected him and took him to his house. When night fell Ibn Ziyad ordered for his arrest; whereupon  Banu Azzd and other tribes rose for his defense.  Ibn Yazid’s men attacked his house, he single handedly fought Ibn Ziyad’s men killing a number of them before they could overpowered and took him to Ibn Ziyad.

At  the palace, Ibn Ziyad asked Abdullah his view about Usman bn Affan. He said weather Usman did good or bad his affair rest with God. He ordered for his killing. Abdullah bn Affi thanked God for answering his supplication long ago to take his life as a martyr at the hand of whom Allah cursed- the worse of cratures. He was killed.

Later, Ibn Ziyad wrote a letter to Mu’awiyyah telling him about the killing of Imam Husain(AS), his family and his companions while taking his family members – women and children, as captives. Mu’awiyah replied back praising Ibn Ziyad for the excellent work beyond expectation!!!.

He further requested that all the heads and the loot be taken to him in Damascus. Barefooted, the women and children were dragged the long journey. At each of  the resting places, Ibn Ziyad men would put the heads in boxes and upon reaching towns or cities they would put the heads on spears for people to see.

Sheikh Zakzaky explained what transpired, along the way, between a Christian monk and the people carrying the heads. The Christian invoked the curse  of Allah upon them when he got  to know that they were carrying the head of the son of the daughter of the Prophet(SA). The Christian  further ransomed the head from  them  at 10,000 dirham for just a night. That night  he washed it neatly and sprayed it with perfume. He testified the Shahada that night before he handed over the head to them the following morning, according to report

Another report says the enemies of God took the heads, passing towns and cities, on their way to Damascus. On reaching  to the gate of Damascus they were placed at Slave quarters.  

Narration on what happened at the Palace in Damascus was discussed a little, further lecture on the event will be delivered  by Sheikh Zakzaky the next day.