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The Gross Child Abuse By Nasir El-Rufa’i: Quest for Justice

El-rufa’i and the Kaduna State police Commissioner denied food and the observance of prayer(Salah) to 43 children members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, since Sunday 14/4/2019.

Sequel to the illegal arrest of 43 Children by police on Sunday evening (14/4/2019)in the city of Kaduna who are primary students and non of them is above 14 years of age. The arrest was ordered by Nasiru El-rufa’i,yet the police refused to release them.

Now the Children are Members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, under a gross abuse of their rights through the illegal arrest by police for almost 68 hours now.

The Commissioner of Police Kaduna State and Nasiru El-ru’i, have conspired to violate,to commit and indeed have commited the offence of Child abuse. By doing so, therefore, they violated the following Laws.


1, United Nation Declaration on Child Rights.

2, African Chater for People and Human Rights.

3, Geneve Convention.

4, International Covenant on Child Rights.


1, Nigeria 1999 Constitution(as amended)

2, Police Act.

3, Children and Young Persons Act.

4, Criminal Procedure Code. Etc.


Base on the above reasons, we humbly appeal to the following International and Local Organisations/Agencies that are highly concern of Child Rights Protection to solicite your intervention.

1, All International Human Right Organisations.

2, All Human Right Organisations that are base in Nigeria

1, African Union (AU)

3, Erupean Union (EU)

4, United Nitions. (UN)

5, The Economic of West African State(ECOWAS)

The A.G Federation.

6, The I.G of Police.

7, The Senate President.

8, The Speaker of the National Assembly.

The above listed Agencies/Organisations Should intervened in this matter to protect Child rights.

For the EU, if you can flash back to recall the terrable statement made by govenor of Kaduna, Nasiru El-ruf’i two months ago, before the recent concluded presidential election,where he called for blood shed and massacre of Foreigners. The conduct of El-rufa’i in kaduna State is just like in animal kindom. The way and style he runs his govenment is more of dictatorship. This is unfortunate for a governor, to call for bloodshed of human beings.

Via Legal Highlight and Opinions.

Ishaq Adam Ishaq is a Zaria-based lawyer and Human right activist.


By Ishaq Adam Ishaq


 children arrested, quest for justice

 children arrested, quest for justice

 children arrested, quest for justice

 children arrested, quest for justice