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The Experimentation of the New Phase of Scramble for Africa with Great Expectation from Nigeria

By Shuaibu Ahmad
The new scramble for Africa marked the pinnacle of the Western Imperialists’ ambition on the continent of Africa with great expectation from Nigeria.

By becoming aware of the state of the Nigerian affair and some countries in Africa, through careful and directed attention, obviously one would soon realize that all kind of concerned people are not satisfied with the situation of many countries in the continent and possibly not happy

The situation in Nigeria is glaring for all to see, once the name of the country is mentioned, many things come to mind – chaos, corruption, frustration, artificially created militant groups such as   “Boko-Haram” and many more.  This is the same with other countries especially those countries endowed with abundant resources and also have Muslim majority. These countries are beset by myriad of problems and obstacles ranging from illegitimate regimes ruled by blood thirty dictators to corrupt inept rulers falsely donning democratic  garment (although if “democracy” ,means majority rule and minority right,  it has no practical meaning).

So, what are the root causes of these problems facing the continent of Africa? Taking Nigeria as a case of study, what is the background to American entry into Nigeria and other countries in Africa? A critical analysis of the Nigerian situation will show that it is a country with immense resources and a Muslim population of 70%. In North-Central part of the country, there is tin in abundance; gold in North-West; crude oil in the Chad basin and North-East. U S and its allies are desperate to seize control of these resources and to steal the resources as well. To do this, they carry out covert operations such as creation of artificial crises. This explains the multiplicity and spread of these crises in areas with abundance of these resources (Jos, Maiduguri, Zamfara, Benue,Birningwari, Yobe e.t.c.). In the same vein, they created “Boko-Haram”, provided it with resources and intelligence.

This Imperialist’s created militants group “Boko-Haram” has since embarked on a brutal campaign, dehumanization of the masses, creating and enabling environment of chaos and anarchy to allow US and its allies to intervene in the name of “peace keeping”. Once they get a foot-hold, their hidden agenda of usurping the countries resources begins. Their modus operandi is the same all over the world (Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Central Africa, e.t.c). They create a group, give it Arabic name to make it  look Islamic, claim that it is  fighting Islamic cause, give it publicity and finally the group unleashed it’s terror on Muslims and non-Muslims as well. This will help to keep the non-Muslims away from knowing what the true religion of Islam is all about and to reduce the Muslims population. Furthermore, these groups also assist their masters in achieving their goals of killing many birds with one stone. On one hand, they would have defamed Islam and Muslims by tagging them as terrorist, paint Islam as archaic, barbaric and violent.  And on the other hand they wreck the countries resources.

Undoubtedly, this is the new phase of scramble for Africa. This, many Muslims and concerned citizens are oblivious of. Many questions beg for answers.  Why do the Western imperialist have their favorite terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda, As-Shabab, ISIL Takfiri, Boko-Haram, e.t.c? Why do they constantly manipulate the media? Few weeks back in the Nations News paper one Tony Akoye wrote “I know Boko –Haram leader Shekau’s hide out” and shamelessly said that it was the statement of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky(H).Why creating a sensational title out of what the leader of the Islamic Movement Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky(H) spoke about? By so doing, he tries to distort entirely what the revered sheikh spoke about. Why Mr. Tony Akoye referred to the revered and most peaceful leader, who directed the minds of millions to the right path of spirituality, discipline, courage and pragmatism of not falling into the trap of conspiracy of the evil forces as a “controversial”? Hence, their foiled attempts at the assassination of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky(H) on several occasions. Why assassination their top priority? Why is that their first act on entry into the country? Why is it that their first port of call Gyellesu not Sambisa forest? If their mission is truly to rescue Chibok girls, what brought the heavenly armed masked white snipers into Gyellesu, the residence of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky around 1am?  Clearly, most African government and indeed other regimes in other parts of the world eagerly pursue Imperialist and Zionist nefarious agenda against their people. This fact is evidenced by the thousands of innocent people that lose their lives in Nigeria under the pretext of “Boko-Haram”.

Having mentioned all these, what is the way out? There is a voice in Africa, particularly in Nigeria; the voice of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria. The voice of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky(H),which consider the generality of the people of this country Nigeria, and the people of Africa as well as the oppressed around the globe. It offers the necessary ingredients’ for people to enjoy life in its entirety in this world and in the hereafter. It’s spiritual and social richness are a gift to humanity which will lead to the attainment of brightness of all path. The Western Imperialists consider this Movement as an obstacle to their devilish agenda because it is the only force that can checkmate them and set the masses free. I do believe that the realm of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria and the wisdom in it in this country in particular and Africa in general, has never been devoid of brilliant minds since the beginning of the Movement. The Movement attracted the attention of many gifted persons and all classes of people with different background and culture. Many have reflected more deeply in Allah’s word. There is no doubt that valuable and reasonable people both Muslims and Christians within the Movement demonstrated their righteousness through justice, sincerity and humanity.

In conclusion, we need to use our intellect to know what is good for our continent. We need to listen, understand and follow the revered leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H). We need to do away with the idea that the Western Imperialists are here as our saviors. They are here to balkanize us, weaken our strength and seize control of our resources, with the help of their proxies.

May the Master and Creator of all, Allah continue to guide us towards the right path.

Shuaibu Isa Ahmad