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The Continued Detention of Sheikh Zakzaky: Might is Right

By Mahdi Garba
Its now over two months since the Nigerian military under the directive of Lt. Col. Tukur Yusuf Buratai invade the residence of Sheikh Zakzaky, leader of the Islamic movement in Nigeria. 

This comes up after the Soldiers siege the Husainiyya Baqiyatullah while Brothers and Sisters of the movement were preparing for annual Maulud and hoisting of flag which is routinely taking place on mourning and celebrations epoch.

During the brutal attack on unarmed disciples of Sheikh Zakzaky, 100+ were held captive while the whereabout of 750 is still unknown. Three sons of Sheikh Zakzaky, Hammad, Humaid and Ali Haidar are among the missing persons.

Reliable sources have it that all the three of sons where killed in cold blood, crucially all the 3 sons were shot at the interface of

their Dad, Sheikh Zakzaky.

Both Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife Malama Zeenah were also shot on strategic part of thier bodies. For over 60 consecutive days Sheikh

Zakzaky and Malama Zeenah have been under illegal detention, off the grid and denied medical attention despite local and international


In brief the story of the 12 December massarce can never be written. The only few know are desecration of people alive, rape, maiming,

genital mutilation and destructions of property worth billions. Children have lost thier parents, mothers have lost thier children,

families have lost thier breadwinners, myriad losing thier beloved ones etc.

During the his maiden Presidential chat, President Muhammadu Buhari copiously endorsed the atrocities on his ‘citizens’ by Chief of Army

Staff Lt. Col. Buratai and his trigger-happy soldiers.

Peaceful protests, solidarity rallies, write ups, Hypes on Social and conventional media are forming continues series in Nigeria and beyond.

Though the mainstream media have kept a blind eyes on reporting the protests. Their reason may be because the protest has remain peaceful.

The continued illegal detention of Sheikh Zakzaky by the Nigerian authorities is tarnishing the image of Nigeria in the eyes of the

international community. It makes them feel that in Nigeria, the heart of Africa might is right, which is only apt in the Animal Kingdom.