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The confused Gumi 2

By Abdul Mumin Giwa
The way and manner you condoled the revered leader of the Islamic Movement Sayyid Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) was only a display of arrogance and self-conceit, an attitude totally believed to be absent in true men of God. It reminds me of the time you lost your father the late Sheikh Abubakar Mahmud Gumi, Sayyid Zakzaky (H) was in far away Iran.

The first engagement he had, on his return from the Islamic Republic of Iran was that of visiting your family house along with his disciples to condole you and your father’s followers. He went there in person and prayed for his reposed soul.

If you had actually wanted to console him you would have visited his house in Zaria as did other men of honor and dignity from all diversities that kept aside their differences and acted like humans. You refused to visit him or console him due to what could only be described as your extremism and lack of tolerance. This is a man you have not condoled when three of his children were killed by the Nigerian military under the orders of President Goodluck Jonathan who is also planning to kill him as well.

More so, this is far from being a condolence but a display hatred, envy and jealousy; negative values not common among men of God. The activity of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, under the revered leadership of Sayyid Zakzaky (H) is open to all Muslims and Christians alike. The Movement is providing an alternative for hope to all, whereby fairness and justice to all irrespective of region and religion could be founded. Unlike the Izala which your father founded and even called himself the “father of Izala, that does not recognize any other person as a Muslim unless he belongs to the group, the Islamic Movement in Nigeria is striving for a purposeful unity among Muslims and non-Muslims alike. This is very different from the concept of the Izala that describes others as ‘Kafir’ and ‘Mushrik’ simply because they differ in concept. That notwithstanding the Izalas claim that not even meat slaughtered by other Muslims should be eaten by them nor should they pray behind them because they don’t see them as Muslims. Hence, your claim that the consequences of the activities of the Movement may further alienate it from the mainstream society is only a description of the Izala group.

Due to lack of focus you have mentioned the actual thing that drew your attention to the Islamic Movement which is the symbolic trek you saw along your way to Kano. I t wasn’t that you wanted to condole the revered leader but to use that as a opportunity to display your hatred. If you could mention in a talk show you call Tafsir “So what if Husain is killed”, I will say ‘so what if we trek to remember the hardship encountered by the Household of the holy Prophet SAWA’. Your opinion is that you don’t have any regard for the Household of the holy Prophet SAWA and our opinion is that we hold them in high esteem.

Disruption of traffic
Definitely, not much need to be said about this because every Nigerian has the right to his views and his opinion as provided by the constitution of the Federal republic of Nigeria. Traffic is disrupted by different categories of people at different times but due to hatred embedded in your heart, your eyes could only see that of the Islamic Movement. Why have you not come out to condemn those who block the streets in the name of carnival, singing and dancing and dressed in spaghetti outfits? Why didn’t you condemn Mosques who block roads on Fridays or Churches that block roads on Sundays? Why didn’t you condemn politicians who carry thugs around with dangerous weapons blocking roads in the name of campaign? Why didn’t you condemn people who organize rallies and demonstrations against the misdoings of the government by blocking roads? Why didn’t you condemn those who organize ceremonies and block roads, including yam festivals, ritual festivals and others? Why the Islamic Movement? Maybe you should extend your message of public order and mannerism as you claimed to all concerned not just the Islamic Movement.

The Islamic Movement has been identified as the most peaceful and most organized group of people in Nigeria. Due to their own personal caprices, the authorities have at various times attacked and killed members of the Movement and never at any time has it been reported that the Movement resulted to vengeance. This is not because of fear but because it has principles and policies that do not include violence. Contrary to this, the Izala group you belong to was established through undue crises, sectarian clashes, seizure of mosques and castigations. The Islamic Movement members pray behind all Muslims while you consider other Muslims not in your group as unbelievers. That is why you cannot identify a mosque and say this is theirs because “And all mosques belong to Allah, do not attach partners to Allah” -Qur’an.

Finally, the choice of the headline is more of a way of giving you a more clear picture of what you have failed to understand which I am sure might have been enumerated in the write-up. And I quote you Mr. Gumi: May Allah guide us all to his pleasure and give us the courage to revert back to the truth and what is righteous. Amin.”