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The Closing lecture of seminar organsised by Ahlud Duthur

By K Isa
Some of the pcitures taken during the closing lecture of the 3-day seminar organised by Business Group of the Islamic  Movement (Ahlud Duthur) at Royal Tropicana Hotel Kano on Sunday the 27th of April 2014.

 The Leader of the Islamic Movement Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky delivered the closing lecture. He spoke on many issues such as the deliberately created insecurity in Nigeria to make money out of the situation, which leads to the deteriorating  conditions of bussiness activites in Nigeria.

Addresssing the participating members of the Business Group Sheikh Zakzaky explained that the most important and necessary matter with them is to acquire wealth through legal and halal means which, he said, are far better than performing Ibadat such Salah or fasting. He further commented that if one  intends to perform obliugatory prayers, the water and place to do the prayers must be halal,otherwise they wont be accepted.

He further called on the participants towards helping the needy and poor segment of the society. he said " Our thinking should not always be how to make money, rather how to be of benefits to the Ummah in general" He called on them to find ways of helping the downtroden section of the Ummah; the help should also extend towards educaion, health and welfare.