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The Claim by the Nigerian Army is a blantant lie

The flimsy excuse given by the Nigerian Army, as reported by some Media outlets, that a Commandant or Chief of Army Staff (COAS) narrowly escaped assasination as a result of attack from Muslim brothers and Sisters of the Islamic Movement is a blatant lie. 

The attack on the defenseless people by the Nigerian Soldiers is unprovoked. The Claim by the Army raises series of questions in the mind of right thinking people. The armless Muslims gathered for ceremony at Husainiyyah, as usual to change the flag on the dome of Husainiyyah, heralding the beginning of the month of R/Auwal- the birth month of the Prophet Muhammad Peace and blessing of Allah be upon him and his household.

Any excuse given by the military as reason for besieging Husaniyyah and firing for hours, leading the death of yet to be specified number of people, is considered a Lie of the Decade.

In the same vein, any report of CLASH between brothers and Nigerian soliders or ATTACK on the convoy of COAS , as given by some media,   is also untrue as nothing like a clash or attack but a crackdown on a defenceless people by blood thirsty soldiers.

Isah K.