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The Brave encouter of Imam Husain’s companions in Karbala explained

During the 1435 Mourning gathering at Baqiyyatullah Husainiyyah, Zaria, Sheikh Zakzaky(H) further recounted the Ashura tragedy and brave encouter of Imam Husain(AS)’s companions.

Sheikh Zakzkay further described how, one by one, the companions of Imam Husain took permission from the Imam and bid him farewell to face the armies of Yazid, the cursed. Each of the companions of the Imam displayed highest level braveity and killed scores of the deviants before acheiving martyrdom.  He mentioned the brave manner of Wahab and his wife – the first lady to attain martydom in Karbala- Wahab martyred defending Imam. Wahab, his wife and mother accepted Islam at Karbala in the Hand of Master Imam Husain(AS) . Prior to his martyrdom, Wahab killed scores of Yazid’s men and was captured and later beheaded-in contrast to even war rule in Jahiliyyah. His head was thrown away, his mother took the head threw it back at the enemies at which the head hit one of the kuffars and instantly killed him.

Sheikh mentioned  Amr bn Haris and his son, who had a one-on-one encounter with Yazid’s armies. Each of them attained martrydom. The historic encounter of each of the companions who were martryed before the Imam was mentioned and explained by Sheikh Zakzaky.

Muslim Bn Awsaja, one of the honoured and respected people of Kufa, had a brave encounter with the deviants; he acheived martyrdom in the defence of Imam Husain(AS). Prior to his martrydom, he had conversation with his Master Imam Husain(AS).

The brave manner displayed by Zuhair bn Qays and  saeed bn Abdullahi Alhanafi who provided protection against enemies’s arrows to Imam Husain when the Imam was performing the afternoon prayers was explained by Sheikh Zakzaku as well thier matrydom.

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