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The world is witnessing yet another aggression on the innocent people of Gaza from the jingoists Israel. As the election period of the illegal state of Israel approaches, the unpopular Prime Minister Netanyahu has resorted to attack on the innocent people of Gaza in order to boost his ram shackled image and that of his appalling party.

As his party has nothing to offer to the people of the illegally occupied land, they embarked on their evil escapade of butchering and massacring the innocent people of Palestine to improve his battered image. This has been their normal practice over the last years. So, their action did not come as a surprise to many.

 An amazement that leaves many gawking is how Barack Obama eagerly and openly declared the support of the American government to the heinous acts of the wicked Zionist leadership and that “Israel has the right to defend itself”. In the recently concluded election in the USA, Netanyahu and the Zionist lobby did not hide their open hearted political and financial support for Mr Mitt Romney. One would have thought Obama may be careful in anything to do with Netanyahu. However, the American government being in the pawns of the Zionist is only too eager to praise and support their masters.

Despite the apparent weakness of the weaponry of the Hamas, they have been able to deal severe blows to the nose of the arrogant Zionists. So far the residents of the illegal state of Israel feel unsafe and unsecured. Bunkers have been opened and are willing to accommodate the restless Israelis. The courageous acts of the Hamas being broadcasted by the media did not go down well with the war criminal Netanyahu, thus the attacks on the strong journalist that have the mettle to report the Zionists causalities.

The plight of the people of Palestine concerns all people with conscious. The solution to the problem does not lie in the hands of the Arab League with membership of people like the Qatar emir who is a serving Zionist’s security agent that facilitated in tracking the leadership of the Hamas for them to be attacked by the evil Zionist criminals. It is the duty of the Muslim Ummah to stand up to their responsibility and join hands with the Palestinians and annihilate the cancerous Israel from the heart of the Muslim land.


The Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky painfully but candidly join its voice in identifying with the plight of the Muslims in Palestine and condemning the merciless attacks on innocent lives of the Plastenians. We salute your bravery and resoluteness and pray to Allah the Almighty to continue to support and make you victorious over the supercilious Zionist war mongers.   






Abdullahi Danladi



Resource forum

The Islamic Movement in Nigeria

18th November, 2012