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The 10th Annual Sallah Feast Organised by Resource Forum in Jalingo

By Muhammad Isah Ahmad
The Resource forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the able leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky held its 10th Annual Sallah Feast in Jalingo, Taraba State of Nigeria on Saturday the 28th Zul Hijjah 1442 (7th August, 2021) with its Special Guest Speaker, Sheikh Adamu Ahmad Tsoho Jos.

 Invited guests present at the sallah feast included people from different religious beliefs, ideologies, and tribes from different parts of Nigeria. Some of the guests include Sheikh AbdulHameed Bello, Mal Ahmad Yashi, Jauro Musa Abba Tukur, Prince Ezekiel Augustine of a Traditional head Kuru Kona, Mrs Barmani I Peter a sectary at Taraba State Mass Literacy Agency, Mrs Aisha Usman Sectary at Jalingo Local Government, Barrister Bilyaminu Maihanci of the Human Right Commission, Rev. Yohana Bulus to mention a few.

Prof Abdullahi Danladi, chairman of the Resource Forum of the Islamic Movement, in his opening remarks highlighted the main aim of the Forum which he said is providing a platform of outreaching to various categories of people and extending the message of the leader Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky. He mentioned Sheikh Zakzaky has been personally present in the event except for the last four event that he and his wife Malama Zeenatuddeen that have been unjustly injured, not given proper medication and held in prison in the last six years. Sheikh Zakzaky in the previous event had discussed and given solutions for moving Nigeria the way forward.

Sheikh Adamu in his speech at the occasion had expressed gratitude to Allah for this infinite mercy with the release of Sheikh Zakzaky from the atrocities of president Buhari and his agents. He reiterated the role Sheikh Zakzaky played in steering his followers to the right path and giving practical solutions to us of the noble path of our holy Prophet. Sheikh Zakzaky has also called and encouraged staying together despite our differences as a way forward in bringing progress and development within us. The last oppression of Buhari’s administration on Sheikh Zakzaky and his followers has indeed shown the level of atrocities on an administration that Nigerians were hoping to be right and upright further reiterating following the noble path of our Noble Prophet and Ahlul Bait (AS) as shown practically by Sheikh Zakzaky is the right track. Sheikh Adamu also call for strengthening the unity amongst us while progressing in the right direction irrespective of our differences.

Sheikh Adamu also talked about Eid el Ghadir, 18th of Zul Hijjah, the day Imam Aliy was appointed and shown as the successor of our Noble Prophet (S) as well as Eid el Mubahala, 24th Zul Hijjah the day when our Noble Prophet (S) and his Progeny call the Christians in Madina to swear before Allah who is on the right, but they never came forward to swear.

Some invited guest who spoke at the occasion like Prince of Kuru Kona, Rev. Yohana Bulus and Mrs Barmani Peter had express the impact seen in the message expressed and shown by Sheikh Zakzaky and his followers and have seen how a relation of hers has changed in behavior and character after becoming a friend to one of Sheikh Zakzaky’s follower, calling on all to follow suit this good relationships. Likewise Barrister Bilyaminu has shown ideally no one should show his enmity to someone just because they are of different religion or of different ideology calling for unity amongst ourselves with the call not terminating with lectures and speeches.

At the start of the event Mal Ahmad Yashi made an opening prayer with readings from the Holy Qur’an and opening speech by the chief host Mal Ishaq Muhammad. After the dishes shaved at the occasion of the feast, Mal Ahmad Aliy Jimeta had made a closing remark with Mal Yahya Baba Chiroma gave a closing remarks and Sheikh AbdulHameed Bello made a closing prayers.