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*Thank you very much for your report BBC Hausa service*

Shuaib Isa Ahmad
On Thursday 22nd of September, 2016, members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) converged en masse at Abuja, Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria to conduct a peaceful #Buhari_FreeZakzaky protest.

The protest ended with a closing remarks and press briefing despite the coordinated attack by a combined team of the Nigerian Army and the Police against the peaceful protesters.

Soldiers arrested so many people including women and children while police used tear gas and live bullets leaving scores of people in blood including women.

BBC-Hausa reports that the protest of Shiites at Abuja was dispersed by the Police. Thus if Police can disperse thousands of Shiites in a gathering using tear gas, why did the Nigerian Army go ahead to launch a coordinated attack against the IMN members in December, 2015 claiming that  only a few youths had blocked the road of Lt. Gen .Y.T Burutai?

But they went ahead to massacre over a thousand in the process. Why didn’t they use tear gas to disperse few youths or invite the police to do that?

Why did they come back and attack Shaikh Zakzaky at his house far away from the alleged blockage scene?This only shows that the Zaria Massacre that occurred between 12th and 14th December 2015 was a preplanned attack, not as a result of provocations due to  any alleged "clash".

Kudos to IMN members for being peaceful despite the barbaric and shameful attack by the Nigerian Security operatives against them.

Despite all the provocative intimidations, despites all the propaganda, lies and campaigns of calumny against them , despite all the BBC –Hausa abracadabra, IMN remains peaceful. The more BBC sees the truth, the more they try to hide it.

Kudos to rational media outlets that always voice out the truth.