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Thank god, The gullible naives are always decreasing

By Ibrahim Al-Munabbih.
My Boss, I mean the man I used to serve under his possessions happen to be an ardent, die hard and a hagiographic supporter of daura breed mongrel.

Before I share with you our yesterday’s encounter, let me look back and gist you about the past. I could remember, during GEJ’s time when Nigerian Army attacked the Pro-palestinians protesters in zaria and killed about 36 of them including the 3 undergraduate biological sons of the revered leader of Islamic Movement in Nigeria, the man was so furious with the brutality carried out by the Army against Armless citizens. As he’s aware of my solidarity upon IMN resistance, he seldom told me that; Ibrahim if a Muslim fellow were to be on that position such outrageous massacre wouldn’t happen and go unpunished.

So, I see no reason why your people should relent and fold their arms from exercising their franchise, since nobody denied them the right to do so as citizens of nigeria, and none of us was excluded from the insecurity, so it’s time negotiate and vote out this cruel government that are busy maiming our people and causes mass destruction to our properties in every corner of the north in the name of Boko Haram or whatever, he continued.

This is a matter of humanity, at least you are many in nigeria and the impact of your mammoth crowd I’m seeing during your Arbaeen Symbolic Trek can also yield the postive change we are craving for. More so, even if you didn’t believed in politics before, it is now necessary for every northerner to participate in the upcoming 2015 general election to at least achieve security and save the innocent lives that are being killed randomly, most especially that of Borno vulnerables who are currently languishing in refugee camps, he said.

The leadership of your movement should call their patrons to order. I know if APC succeeded, justice must be done about the unfortunate killings of the sons of your leader, and that can also be a chance for the government to intervene in the previous persecution against your movement so that you can be able to lay down your demands and Modus Operandi before them. Because, it’s obvious how the president orchestrated that their struggle to leadership is for the welfare of all Nigerians. So if you co-operate with them, they can be able to terminate your grudges with authorities, so that we can all live in peace since you are also Nigerians, he added.

After the unfortunate #ZariaMassacre and it’s crescendo, the man for his positive assumptions on the president thrived to exonerate him about the pogrom, despite my efforts to convince him the compliance of the president as the one who engineered the genocide, but all my efforts to do so is of no avail. He insisted that it is the Nigerian Army who carried out the outrage and the president has no hands in it, so I left him because I know how people especially the #Buharimaniacs perceived things in different dimensions, but he knows I don’t subscribed to his razzmatazz.

So, regarding his previous perception on IMN and authorities I submitted above, I responded to him. Saying that; the grudges you are seeing between the movement and authorities is not different from what ignited the Boko Haram mayhem. Because all it’s roots is injustice. I told him, If you would look back and inquire about the initial carnage in Maiduguri and how it began during the crackdown in 2009 before it escalates, you will find out the authorities of that time under the leadership of late Yar’adua caused it. And it normally says; the beginning of any violence is injustice, and injustice is what ignited the Boko Haram menace till date. Many Nigerians are aware of this but are afraid to unveil it.

The current authorities and the erstwhiles assumes that Islamic Movement in Nigeria is a treat to their leadership. But it is not like that, the aims of the movement is to ameliorate the good relationship between nigerians so that we can be able to subdue our hardships if hands were to joined together as the adopted democracy failed to do so for having dictators as leaders. That’s why every corrupt government in connivance with Pseudo scholars insist to obliterate the influence of the movement among the people of conscience to accomplish their political whims. The authorities used forces to cripple in order to the movement while the scholars used diversities and hate preach as their tools to entice religious bigots and ignite sectarian crisis. IMN is a resistance Movement which was edifice upon humanity before anything else, it has it’s methods and principle of conducts, it create awareness for those who failed to comprehend it aims. IMN never engage themselves in violence or any sort of reprisal and did not have the intention to do so further. You will find out how it invite ordinary muslims from different school of thoughts, christians, dignitaries, intellectuals amongst whom are politicians who also acknowledge for the sovereignty of Nigeria while holding it’s annual unity week in the castle of Hussainiyya zaria.

Yesterday’s frigid evening, we were sitting in our working place along with some of our colleagues discussing about the current trends in nigeria. My boss castigates the president for not taking any action when notherners were lynched to death in ile-ife and how the fulani were also massacred in Mambila, Taraba and Numan where Bachama tribe wrecked havoc of ethnic cleansing against fulani minorities were infants, toddlers and women from among the them are not exonerated. Despite the fact that he goes against the herdsmen atrocities, but look at how the people of Benue raised their voices which lead to the outlawed of herdsmen grazing in their lands by the state government, but a president which emanated from the nothernern region took no single action for his oppressed people killed in cold blod.

He eventually concluded with the Issue of IMN illegally detained leader and Sambo Dasuki, while portraying his discomfort on how he has loose any iota of hope on the current administration that failed to accomplish a single mission promised to nigerians during their campaigns and are now looking forward 2019. He said, the journey of this administration needs total overhaul, and what surprised him more with the president who obsessed against the previous leaders for not complying with rules of law is now the one who tempered with subsequent court order for the immediate and unconditional release of IMN detained leader and Dasuki who is also languishing in DSS Custody after he was granted bail according to the rule of law by competent court.