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Teachings of Az-Zahra(AS) are Numerous- Sheikh Zakzaky

The Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky spoke on the teachings of Sayyidah Az-zahra(SA) druing the last day of Zahra week programme on Sunday

 the 13th of may 2012 at Husaniyyah baqiyyatullah, Zaria. He spoke further on the sufferings of the beloved daughter of the Prophet(sawa), and her teachings as reported in both Sunni and Shia sources.

He mentioned that covering of her exalted status and considering her just a ‘woman’ is another form of aggression. He added that  there are other forms of afflictions she was subjected to but are not known to people. Other forms of the aggression are written in the books of the Majority but when they read them during study they just past without analysis and comment. Keeping silence on her sufferings and afflictions or saying the opposite is an aggression too.

Imam Ali(AS) says whoever expresses that his killers are believers is also among the Killers. Also those who love  Killers of Hasan and Husain (AS) are part of the killers too. In the same vain, whosoever sees killers of Az-Zahra (SA) as believers is among her killers.  Love of Sayyidah Zahra and that of her killers cannot co-exist in a heart; It has to be one- love of Zahra or her enemies.

About Sayyidah’s reports.

Sheikh Zakzaky further expressed that Jalaluddin Suyuti writes in his book ‘ the number of  Hadeeth of Sayyidah Zahra does not reach ten’ ; he was writing this with all respect for her as the daughter of the holy Prophet as he wanted to write about her but could not get her hadeeth. Another scholar says her hadeeth are 18.

It was reported  in the books of the Majority that the prophet says ‘take half of your religion from this humaira’ . The Haddeth is very suspicious as the holy prophet cannot call his wife ‘this red girl”. Secondly, where should one get the other half of the religion? The effort was to cover the hadeeth of the prophet about Imam Ali(AS) which says ‘take all your religion from Ali” .

Fatimah Lived with her father throughout her lifetime, even after marriage as her house is very close to that of the Prophet and he visited her more often; she knows Prophet more than his wives. The question is why she didn’t  get much hadeeth in the books of the Majority?!

On her merit Sheikh Zakzaky further outlined some of her hadeeth as recorded in Sunni sources, He also explained her hadeeth from Shia sources.

Some of hadeeth from shia sources include  the sayings as follows:

–          ‘ …..we are the Waseelah to God by which creation Reach Him’

–          ‘ we are his specials and place of His purity”

–          ‘ We are His Hujjah ‘

–          ‘We are Heirs of all his prophets’

On Her hadeeth from Sunni sources, Sheikh Zakzaky explained some of them which  include her Hadeeth about warning to avoid being stingy; hadeeth  about prohibition of consuming wine; the popular hadeeth which extols her as being the best of all women; and the hadeeth of the reward of one who send salutation to her.

Sheikh Zakzaky pointed that her hadeeth are numerous, but most of people don’t want speak about them. He urged people to devote time in studying her numerous sayings and teachings in order to spread her love to every nook and corner.

At the end of the programme gift items were presented by Sheikh zakzaky to students who excelled during Zahra Day Quiz completion. Ziyara of Sayyidah (SA) was recited followed by closing dua by Sheikh Zakzaky.