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Sustaining Operation Cover-up

By Abdulmumini Giwa
I read with dismay a very embarrassing news item of the Vanguard newspaper in its online version of 13-03-16 where the Nigerian government has persisted in what could better be described as ‘operation cover-up’.

The news item with the headline “Court asked to order arrest of El-zakzaky’s wife” stated that one Danbaba Gyang, who is also said to be the Secretary General of an organization called the Lawyers Alliance for the Defense of Democracy in Nigeria is the plaintiff in the suit number FHC/ABJ/CJ/189/2016, dated March 10, 2016.

Although no exact statement has been attributed to her in the article, the loving wife of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, Lady Zeenatuddeen Ibrahim was accused of “making inciting statement after the killing of members of the Movement and the arrest of her husband” for which “A federal high court sitting in Abuja has been asked to order the immediate arrest and prosecution of Mrs. Zeenat El-Zakzaky, wife of the leader Shi’ite movement in Nigeria, Ibrahim El-Zakyzaky.”

It has now become apparently clear to the public that the Nigerian government is now busy wasting public funds to cleanse itself of its devilish acts after using the Army to massacre unarmed Nigerians for unjustifiable reasons. This is even as it is claiming to be holy and fighting against corruption. What could be more corrupt than a government engaging in terrorism, massacre and genocide?

They have sponsored calumny against the leader of the Movement and the Movement in news items and advertorials in daily newspapers, they have sponsored same in documentaries on TV networks, they have sponsored clowns to stage rally outside the Iranian Embassy and have also sponsored same in Lagos to mischievously identify the Islamic Movement with the worse terror organization in the world Boko Haram.

Faceless groups and organizations that have never been heard of before have emerged from the thin air to help deceive Nigerians and indeed the world not to see anything wrong with the killings of over 1000 defenseless members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria and followers of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky in Zaria on the 12th – 14th of December 2015.

A brief synopsis of the Zaria massacre could help in unraveling the reason behind the emergence of the faceless groups and the muddle the Nigerian government has fallen into.

It would be recalled that the Nigerian Army carrying heavy weapons including Armored Personnel Carriers APCs, Rocket Propelled Grenades RPGs and Automatic Machine Guns AMGs attacked unarmed civilians in a planned massacre where they engaged in a killing spree.

During the attack they violated all moral and human responsibilities as they butchered human beings like ants, shooting, bombing and burning them alive not differentiating children, women and the aged.

In a further violation they went ahead to bury hundreds of them in mass graves and abducted as many as they could and placed them in illegal detention disallowing any access to them including the leader of the Movement Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and his caring wife Lady Zeenatuddeen Ibrahim.

Sheikh Zakzaky was shot severally while his wife was said to have also been shot at least twice in the womb. The reason the Army gave for this genocide against the Shi’ites was that they blocked the road the Chief of Army Staff COAS was passing through on his way to a passing out parade at the Nigerian Army Depot in Zaria. Although the COAS said he killed only seven and passed at the frontage of Hussainiyya where his road was blocked, the Army returned thereafter to launch a 48 hours genocide where they attacked and killed everybody at sight at not only the Hussainiyya, but also the residence of the leader of the Islamic Movement at Gyallesu and another location 10 kilometers away called Daru Rahma. All of these places were razed to the ground and the rubles taken away.

In the process, graves were exhumed, women were raped and killed and also stabbed with bayonets on their breasts and shot with life rounds on their private parts.

These acts against humanity generated a lot of row within and outside the country with people staging rallies and protest marches in major cities around the world including the Nigerian Embassy in UK, and the Nigerian government faced widespread condemnations.

Against this backdrop driven by sectarian hatred in the Nigerian leadership, the government and its Army came to realize that, as the American would say, they messed up bad and need some clean up. this necessitated the sponsoring of propaganda and calumny against the Islamic Movement to justify their crime at least with the gullible-minded

More so, another brief synopsis on, who Lady Zeenatuddeen Ibrahim the wife of Sheikh Zakzaky is would also give an insight as to why the calumny against her.

She is the biological mother of the three undergraduate sons of Sheikh Zakzaky that were abducted and tortured to death by the Nigerian Army in July 2014. As a lady of honor she remained calm as preached by her husband waiting for justice to emerge.

She is also the biological mother of three other sons of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky that were killed by the Nigerian Army in their father’s residence, before her very eyes and yet she remained steadfast and stood by her husband.

She is the wife of Sheikh Zakzaky that watched as the Nigerian Army shot her husband severally for no justifiable reason with the intention of killing him and also shot at her in the womb as well.

It was her own husband’s residence that the Army set ablaze and burnt everyone inside alive including one of her in-laws.

It is this exemplary mother and lady of honor that this clown of a lawyer is calling on the court to arrest for statements inciting the public.

Why the suit? Does it mean that the government suddenly now has regards for the court and law and order? Where were the court and law and order when all the afore-mentioned abuses took place? In fact why order for her arrest when she is already abducted and kept incommunicado along with her husband? Is it another mischief? Why not simply kill her as they killed over 1000 of the members of the Movement led by her husband including her sons extra-judicially? Why order her arrest when she is abducted and is with you? You can simply go there and shoot at her in your usual come-kill-and-go style?

If the government had any regards for the court and law and order, the Zaria incident wouldn’t have led to loss of any life but they disregard them and simply killed human beings like ants. The law does not allow detention beyond 48 hours without charging a person to court but because they have no regards for the court and law Lady Zeenatuddeen had been in their detention facility for the past 90 days. She has every right along with her husband to see her lawyer but was denied.

When her entire family was almost exterminated by the Nigerian Army where were the so-called Danbaba Gyang and his Lawyers Alliance for the Defense of Democracy? If this group ever exists, then true lawyers should rise against it for making a sham of the legal profession.

The answers to the stated questions should be able to unravel how Danbaba Gyang and his alliance lack any genuineness and morality to sue Lady Zeenatuddeen Ibrahim.

As to the lawyer’s call that Nigeria should cut off diplomatic relations with Iran, my personal take is also a question, who needs who?

As a serious country, Iran has survived economic sanctions for three decades and emerged scientifically and technologically developed. It is also an oil rich country that has invested in research development and nuclear technology that enhanced its power and medical industries.

It is also an independent and focused country whose leaders defy all attempts by so-called world powers to meddle into their affairs. They have advanced in the automobile industry and military technology as well as in the field of education. They are now seen as an emerging super-power in the Middle-East. It is up to the Nigerian government that is battling with corrupt leaders who have looted public coffers and enriched themselves while they under-develop their country to see whether it needs Iran or not.

The government might consider it wise to enhance diplomatic ties with Iran to benefit from its secret of development under sanctions to go out of it economic woes. On the other hand it might also decide to cut ties with it and embrace countries like Saudi Arabia who only know how to establish terrorism coalition. It is government’s own business to do what it desires as best for it. So what if it cuts ties with Iran?