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State-sponsored failed attack on Shaikh Zakzaky’s residence: “I am the prime target”, he says

By Ibrahim Usman
Around ten o’clock, Thursday night a hired mob armed with dangerous weapons launched attack on Shaikh Zakzaky’s Gyellesu Zaria residence, but was repelled by some Brothers guarding the residence. 

Having failed on the first attempt, the mob re-grouped and made another move the next morning, but was equally repelled again.

Reliable sources confirmed that, the attempt was sponsored by the Nigerian security, through the Zazzau Emirate and the District Head of Gyellesu in the unrelenting onslaught on the Islamic Movement and life of its Leader, His Eminence Shaikh Zakzaky.

Confirming the incidence in an interview with the BBC, Shaikh Zakzaky explained that the attempt was a new strategy by the Nigerian security executing orders from their foreign masters, to use mob action as a smokescreen and diversionary tactic to launch attack on him in the name of the neighborhood. “The hired mob was actually sponsored picked from outside the neighborhood. I have been living in this area for the past 20 years, and I have no problem with anybody”, he added.

According to Shaikh Zakzaky, the Nigerian security, not satisfied with killing three of his children and 31 others on Quds Day in 2014, and also not happy with their failure on different attempts on his life, have now resolved to this approach as an excuse to find way of getting at him.

“There were security presence in Gyellesu, and were heard telling people to steer clear so that they are not mistaken for Shi’ites when the shooting begins. This means, they were planning to shoot at us. Let them openly come out in their true colour and shoot, as they did on Quds Day. On Allah we depend”, he stressed.

Asked the action the Islamic Movement will take, Shaikh Zakzaky said, “We remain resolute on our course, and on Allah we rely. We will defend ourselves to the last; however, ultimate defense and protection lies with Allah, the Almighty”.

He pointed out that, “If these people were agitating for a genuine complaint, they would have come for dialogue, and not carry arms to attack. The fact that they have taken up arms instead, shows they were up to no good, with an insidious intent”.