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So Clumsy So Fast…A Rejoinder to Dr. Khalid Abubakar Aliyu

 By Mahfuz Mundadu
“In our time, the freedom of thought and expression, coupled with the spirit of unprecedented enquiry has helped men and women to free themselves from disbelief, whims and suspicion” (Tijani A.)

In the course of a report presentation occasion of the 2014 Ramadan fasting in Kaduna on or around June 8, 2015, the JNI Secretary General, Dr. Khalid Abubakar Aliyu, commented thus: “The most dangerous session of Tafsir which has surfaced recently in the public domain is the Shiite Tafsir which is being aired by some radio and television stations. Its negative impact on the established creed of Islamic faith is gradually crawling into the Muslim community.”

Up to the time of writing this rejoinder yours sincerely is yet to come across any material, whichsuggests that Dr. Khalid had actually issued repudiation against such a statement that was attributed to him. Worse still Dr. Khalid was never reported to have supportedthese obviously empty and baseless allegationswith facts or any semblance of it. Starting on a sound footing by admonishing the Muslim preachers to stay clear of inciting utterances and yet become so clumsy so fast is a very sad commentary on the fact thatone can be a “Doctor of Philosophy” without necessarily having a grasp of the basic rudiments of rational thinking.

Rewind to year 2008. In one of his talk shows loosely regarded as Quranic commentary session, Dr. Ahmad Gumi urged the federal government under the late Shehu Musa “YarAdua to clamp down on Shia Islamic Movement in Nigeria. The Members of the Islamic Movement were swift in lodging a formal complain to the Nigeria Broadcasting Corporation (NBC)so as to call the media houses that aired such dangerous call to violence to order. But NBC simply ignored. What followed after a sustained campaign of calumny for a solid month was an unprovoked attack that left scores of the members of the Islamic movement killed by the allied forces of hoodlums and an organ of the government paid to protect lives and properties of its citizens. The police.

It was and still remains a classical case of dereliction of responsibility. In which a government charged with the constitutional obligation of protecting the lives and properties of its citizens acted to the contrary. With the ascension of Dr(?) GoodluckEbeleAzikiwe Jonathan of inglorious memory a stage was set to deal a decisive blow not just to a segment of the Muslim community but the entire Umma within a given section of the country.

Jonathan’s act of brigandage with impunity came to its climax when a section of the Nigerian military attacked and killed 34 members of the Islamic movement on July 25, 2015 Quds day commemoration. Three (3) of the victims of Jonathan gangsterism under the command of one ColonelOkwu were Sheikh Zakzaky’s sons. Jonathan might have done his worst in his desperate attempt to court the worthlessfavours of the criminal enterprise of Zionism cum imperialism, yet his worst was never potent enough to crush the truth. It takes more than a head with a bowler hat to know that truth is indestructible. Simply because right is might and might will never ever be right until and unless it is on the side of right. This simple logic remains a rocket science to small minds socked with Gin and Tequila.

The institutionalized violence that plague the Muslims world over from Iraq, Burma, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Afghanistan, Somalia, Central African Republic, Yemen, Egypt, Tunisia, Saudi America, Bahrain, Kashmir, Kenya and many more had the foot and the finger prints of Zionism, Imperialism and Saudi sponsored Takfirism. This real axis of evil could not have succeeded against the overwhelming population of the Muslim had it been that the Muslim are united against a common enemy. But in divide and conquer the enemies of Muslim and indeed the entire humanity is having an easy ride with us at the receiving end. So anybody anywhere no matter how big and mighty is his Chieftaincy Academic title that is bent on casting aspersion against a section of the Muslim community and indeed the entire nation is a puppet on the string of the real axis of evil.

Talking about Shia without knowing what it stands for is the peak of disservice to this religion where the Holy Quran encourage us to engage one another based on facts not fictions. Dr. Khalid may wish to come clean with facts and incontrovertible evidences as to how and when did Shia Tafsir “negatively impacted on the community”. The activities of the Shia Islamic Movement in Nigeria are conducted in the open. Nothing is clandestine. And these activities are basically educational, community service, philanthropic and enlightening to name but a few. If engaging in such activity brings about negative impact in a society then I do not have any other way of describing how logic can be turn on its head for a reason best not to the actor.

Your coarse and boorish remarks against Shia might be out of ignorance or animosity. If the reason is the later then Wamudaawaamaayahkfiysa a bun ilaajuhu – maganinciwonabindayabuya a zuciyanagillu da hikiduyana da wuya. However, if the reason is the later then permit me to wet your scholarly appetite or what remains of it. In the Glorious Qur’an we were told this about the Prophet of Islam: “He does not speak out of selfish interest. Nothing he said that is not a revelation from Allah (Qur’an53:3-4). The same Prophet of Islam that was divinely ordained with eternal clean bill of absolute health in body, soul, spirit and intellect urged us to hold on to the members of his house hold for guidance. Muslim, who in his Sahih quotes ZaydibnArqam as saying: “Once the Messenger of Allah (SAWA) delivered a sermon at GhadirKhumm- a place between Mecca and Medina. Having praised Allah (SWT), he said: “ O people! I am a human being who is about to be summoned by the divine angel and who is to respond to this call. I am leaving behind two precious things (Thaqalayn): the first is the Book of Allah (SWT), which contains guidance and light. So take hold of the Book of Allah (SWT) and act according to it. Thus, he put great emphasis on acting according to the Holy Qur’an. Then he added: and AhlaBaytiy (my Household) with regard to Ahlabaytiy I remind you of Allah (SWT). He repeats this sentence three times. (Sahih Muslim, vol. 4 page 1803, hadith Number 2408). Similar tradition was equally reported by: 1) Sunan al-Darimi, vol. 2, page 431-2. 2) Sunan al-Tirmidhi, vol. 5, page 663, No. 37788. 3) Al-Hakim’s al-Musdadrakala al-Sahihayn, vol. 1, Page 93. 4) Al-hafiz al-Mazzi’sTahdhibul al-Kalam, vol. 3, Page 127 5)IbnHajar al-Asqalani’sFath al-bariSharhSahihal_Bukhari, Page 391, Dar al-Ma’arif Print.

Dr. Khalid how can the Shia that firmly hold on to this instruction from the Holy Prophet of Islam be anything but an asset to Islam. Where and whenever Muslims or Islam is under attack, Shia remain at the forefront of challenging such a threat head-on, here in Nigeria and the world over. Recall that when the defunctFunTimes and IkebeSuper Magazines blasphemed against Islam, it remained on record that only Shia Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the able and indefatigable leadership of Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky rise up to the challenge. As expected the then military regime in 1992 attacked a peaceful demonstration at the end of which lives were lost and the hunting dogs of the agents of Zionism in Nigeria injured many more.


Look around the world and take an inventory of the Muslims being persecuted in Burma, Yemen, West Bank, Gaza and occupied Palestine (the illegal state of Israel). Iran is known to be Shia Islamic Government, remained the only nation that came to the aid of the victims. In spite of the fact that these Muslim were known not to be Shia, but of Sunni school of thought. Before then recall what happened in Bosnia where Muslim were surrounded and being killed for no crime but being Sunni Muslims. Yet it took the active intervention of the Islamic Republic of Iran to change the tide in favour of the Bosnian Muslims, which eventually compelled NATO to reluctantly, intervened and cut the Serbians short of their evil intent of total annihilation of the Sunni Muslims. Where were the champions of Sunna then? Missing in action. Dr. Khalid may therefore wish to get real, have some education, endevour to be worthy in character and learning. When we were graduating that was the condition for issuing us with our certificates. It will interest your sincerely to know more if your case is different, Dr. Khalid. Wassalamalaamanit ta ba al hudaa.