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Shinkafi Seminar 2015 : Sheikh Turi speaks on Marriage and family life

By Khalid Isa
Sheikh Muhammad Mahmud Turi spoke on marriage institution and family life in Islam on Saturday the 8th of August, 2015. He spoke on the marriage in the eyes of Sharia and its obligation.

He explained issues regarding its advantages adding that marriage improves one’s  deen.

Qualities to be sought when a person intends to marry a partner is adherence to moral character and the teaching of religion as all other qualities of beauty and wealth are minor issues, he said adding that in the case of men,  qualities to look after are uprightness and character.

Sheikh Turi further spoke on rights and obligations of husband and that of wife in accordance with Shariah. They include:

-Good relationship between wife and husband.

-Enough provision in accordance with one’s means.

-safeguarding her in respect and honour.

– expressing love to a wife and vice versa, as according to a hadeeth, telling a wife the statement: ‘ I love you’ will remain in her heart for ever.

Sheikh Turi spoke further on the permissibility of marrying more than one wife on condition that one shall take proper care of them in terms of provisions and time. On equity in love, he said, it is difficult to attain, based on the interpretation of Islamic scholars.

Contrary to a view that a wife whose parents are poor should be catered for in accordance with their  parents’ economical status is wrong adding that wives should be treated fairly in accordance with Sharia.

He called for the establishment of marriage counseling committee in areas where they have not been setup. The committee shall engage in awareness regarding marriage, how to seek the hand of lady in marriage, living together, role of guardian, and general counseling.

He decried the behaviour of indifference as displayed by some parents regarding their daughters as found in the society today.


He concluded that “Our hope is our children”  which now outnumbered the elders and among them are those who attained martyrdom; they are the vanguard of religion.