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Shinkafi 2015: Sheikh Abdulhamid Bello speaks on Love and Brotherhood

By Khalid Isa
Sheikh Abdulhamid Bello Zaria delivered a lecture on Saturday the 8th of August 2015, on Love and Brotherhood.
He spoke onBy qualities of believers which include taqwa, submission to the commands of Allah, and avoiding all unworthy qualities.

He called on everyone towards character building and self assessment as reform cannot occur without reforming one’s self.

Other issues raised by the Scholar include improving relationship among brothers, relatives and members of the general public.

 Speaking on mutual love, he said, it is area which need improvement adding that Love shall be for the sake of Allah alone as He loves those who love one another for His sake.

Cautioning the gathering on enemies’ plots, he said Security Agents have a strategy of planting lack of confidence and mistrust among people through various means and techniques, and he therefore, called on brothers to improve their relationship with Allah as the only remedy against enemies’ schemes while emphasizing on adherence to the teaching of Islam.

On relation between Muslims and non-Muslims, the scholar said, they are brothers in humanity therefore deserve respect, adding that, one shall not allow himself to drift towards any unwanted character, and instead, the non-Muslims should be made to understand the teachings of Islam.

He said true success is in the achieving the pleasure of Allah, weather, deen is established or not.

He further said the best way of Da’awa his by displaying good moral behavior adding that the prophet(SAWA) is reported to have said, ‘I was raised to complete good standard moral qualities’.

The holy Imams (S) have said ‘Be caller to us through your behaviors;  be adornment to us….’ all these refer to good character, Sheikh Abdulhameed said.

He prayed for success against enemies who are planning to destroy moral good character.

In his remark, Sheikh Abdullahi Zango, emphasized on building moral character. He also called towards mutual visit, respect and help, adding that  Wealth is meant for spending in the course of Islam and assistance, not for keeping,  while knowledge is meant to put into practice, not for arguments.