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Sheikh Zakzkay Addresses Annual Martyrs’ Day in Abuja

By Abdullahi Isah Wasagu
The Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria Sheikh Ibraheem Yaqoub El-Zakzaky (H) has addressed Annual Martyrs Day Gathering via phone on Sunday 27/2/2022 from his Abuja residence. 

Sheikh Zakzaky began his speech by reminding them of the exemplary life of Imam Musa Al-Khazim (AS), as the day coincides with the martyrdom anniversary of the Imam which is 25th of Rajab of the hijrah Calendar.
"We chose to speak about the martyrdom of Imam Khazim (AS) because his martyrdom is a symbol that signifies that a martyr is killed because he stood firm in the path of Allah (God). Imam Khazim was not killed for any offense he committee, except that he stood firm on the path of religion and devotion to Allah which led to his martyrdom. He was killed by Harun, the tyrant ruler of his era, also so called Al-Rasheed during his reign", he said.
Sheikh Zakzaky recounted that Harun killed Imam Khazim (AS) as a result of reports being taken him that people are paying allegiance to Imam Khazim (AS). The Sheikh also narrated years of incarceration of the Imam in different detention camps and how he was extremely subjected to all sorts of persecutions in detention.
The leader of the Islamic Movement pointed out that, in the noble teachings of the Prophet’s family (SA), they acted kindly in return to the evil by those who harmed them, not retaliating. He narrated the story of a man from Banu Ummayyah who used to curse Imam Khazim (AS) whenever he passed by.
When the Companions of the Imam became angry and decided to take revenge, Imam forbade them, whereupon the Imam met the man under scorching sun inside the man’s farm and offered him a great gift of dirham that the man had to reap the harvest for a year before he would be able to get the equivalent of the money offered to him by the Imam.
The next day, the Umayyad was heard greeting the Imam Khazim respectfully, where upon enquiry by the Imam’s Companions, instructed them to return good when evil is meted on them, just as applied on the Ummayyad.
Sheikh Zakzaky buttressed his narration by citing Qur’anic verses: " Repel (Evil) with what is better: Then will he between whom and thee was hatred become as it were thy friend and intimate!".
"And verily, no one reaches this precious level, except those who are patients. And no one achieves this except possessors of great portion of faith ".
Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky further said, "We chose the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Khazim as a symbol which signifies that a martyr is killed only because of his steadfastness on the path of Allah".
His eminence traced the genesis of martyrdom in the history of the Movement since its inception in late 70’s. He noted that, during commemoration of martyrs, we try to remember all our fallen martyrs. He mentioned the first martyr of the Movement is Shaheed Muhammad Bello from Bauchi, who attained martyrdom in 1982 when armed Policemen opened fire without provocation on brothers during an IVC programme in Bauchi in the year 1982.
He further said ‘since then, the aim of the enemies is to suppress the Movement and its law-abiding followers. This stands to reasons why over the years there had been series of Police and Army attacks on peaceful brothers and sisters of the Movement. Earlier, they were making use of hunters and hardliners to attack brothers. When they realized that the use of hoodlums would not be successful, they started sending Police, whereupon they eventually sent Army in the recent Zaria massacre.’
Sheikh Zakzaky acknowledged that, in the recent Zaria massacre, they attempted to execute their old-aged plan of wiping the Movement once and for all from existence. They said, "We must launch an all-and-out war against the Islamic Movement and wipe it out once and for all from existence".
Sheikh Zakzaky recounted how different regimes were contracted to kill him by Western powers. He said that they renew the contract every time they appoint a new president.
He described how he was ridiculed in his residence in Zaria by Army during the 2015 Zaria massacre after killing everyone. They were shooting guns and chanting “ Shia has come to an end in Nigeria; Shia has come to an end.” Because this is their hidden agenda to eradicate the Movement totally from the surface of the earth.
The leader of the Movement has criticized some of their illogical actions which include fabricating fake Shiites and keep coodinating them on various plans to suit their intents and purposes. They later said, "They were not fighting the Shia, they were fighting the IMN".
"What is IMN? Where did you fabricate this acronym IMN? They later said they had banned IMN! They keep beating around the bush. This is nothing but the work of a set of distracted and delirious minds.
"To your notice. We are not IMN, what we do is an ideology, a concept, a move towards eradication of injustices and establishment of just system(Islamic just system). This is what it meant by Islamic Movement.
"Your constant desire to exterminate my life would not be successful except what Allah (God) wishes. My life is not in your hands. My life is in God’s hands. If bloodshed kills religion, this religion would had been annihilated with the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (AS) in the plain of Karbala along with tens of Companions and members of his family.
Killing me will only add to the toll of martyrs of Karbala", said Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky.
The leader eventually praised the fallen heroes of the Movement who stood firm on the path till they succeeded with martyrdom.
He further reassured the family of the martyrs that we stood firm on same path you lost your beloved parents. We will never deviate or surrender from this noble path till the attainment of victory.