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Sheikh Zakzaky’s Speech on 15th of Shaaban 1443

SHEIKH IBRAHEEM ZAKZAKY’S SPEECH ON NISFUSH SHA’ABAN ,15TH SHA’ABAN, 1443 (18TH MARCH, 2022) A’uzu Billahis Sami’il Aleem, Minash-shaidanil la’inir rajeem, Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem. Wa sallallahu Ala Sayyidina wa Nabiyina wa Shafi’i Qulubina Abil Qasim Mustapha Muhammad wa ala alihid Dayyibinad Dahireenal Ma’asumiyn, siyama Baqiyatullahi fil ard Sahibul Asri Waz Zaman Arwahuna lahu fidha.

Peace and blessings be upon you.

I will start by congratulating us on the arrival of this blessed day; the day of Nisfu Sha’aban, which coincided with the birthday anniversary of Sahibul Asr Waz Zaman (the Imam of the age) may Allah hasten his return. Nisfu Sha’aban is already a renowned day since before the birth of Sahibul Asr Waz Zaman (AJ).


In the speeches of Amirul mu’uminin (pbuh), he was asked regarding the translation of Allah’s saying: "Surely We revealed it on a blessed night surely We are ever warning–Therein every wise affair is made distinct," (Suratu Dukhan, verses 3-4). So he was asked which night is Allah referring to? So he said it’s the night of Nisfu Sha’aban. And he said everybody that reads the supplication of Khidir on this night, his sins will be wiped off."

And among his (Imam Ali’s) companions there’s Kumail bin Ziyad (RA), so he followed Amirul mu’uminin (pbuh) before he entered his house, he asked him oh Amirul Mu’minin you mentioned supplication of Khidir, which supplication is that? So Imam Ali (pbuh) said; indeed your companionship with us has been long oh Kumail, bring a paper. When he brought paper and pen then Amirul mu’uminin (pbuh) dictate the supplication for him. (It is) that long supplication we often times read. Even though Amirul mu’uminin (pbuh) said it’s the supplication of Khidir, but they put it (in supplication books) among the supplications of Amirul mu’uminin (pbuh), since people heard it from him.

Khidir is a renowned name, our people name their children Khidir. He was a pious man of God that his name was not mentioned in the Qur’an, but his story was mentioned in the Qur’an. He was the one that Prophet Musa met as mentioned in Suratul Kahf. He (Prophet Musa) met one among Allah’s Saints, where Allah said in his regards: "Then they found one from among Our servants whom We had granted mercy from Us and whom We had taught knowledge from Ourselves." (Suratul Kahf, verse 65).

And Prophet Musa is thirsty for knowledge, so he embarked on a journey till he met that Saint (Khidir).

I’m not narrating the story, the story of Khidir is known. People say many things about Khidir, some say he’s among the Prophets, some say he’s a Saint among Allah’s Saints, etcetera. But what is known is that Allah prolonged the life of Khidir. We don’t know precisely when he was born, but he lives for a very long time. And here is his story in the time of Prophet Musa (pbuh).

And there was a time when Amirul mu’uminin saw somebody circumambulating the Ka’aba, supplicating "Subhanallah min almizan…", so Amirul mu’uminin asked if he’s Khidir? He said Yes I’m Khidir. So you see he was alive since from the time of Prophet Musa. Between Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and Prophet Musa (pbuh) is over two thousand years, but he (Khidir) was alive. But is Khidir still alive? Some say that he’s still alive till date. People often see him in different centuries, some people narrate their encounter with him.

So that was his supplication; Du’a’u Khidir, even though it is widely known as Du’a’u Kumail bin Ziyad, because it is called Du’a’u Kumail. We read it every Thursday night.

So when Amirul mu’uminin (pbuh) gave Kumail that supplication, he told him that this supplication is ‘mukaffarat’ between reading it and reading it again. If you read it on Nisfu Sha’aban all your sins will be forgiven, and if you read it again on another Nisfu Sha’aban, they will forgive the last sins that you commit after reading the supplication (on the first time).

Now we call it Du’a’u Kumail, because Kumail got the supplication from Amirul mu’uminin (pbuh), but it’s not Kumail’s supplication. But till this very moment some still call it Du’a’u Amirul mu’uminin (pbuh). If you check ‘Sahifa Alawiyya’ you will see it inside, since it was heard from him. But he said it’s the supplication of Khidir.

Also, Amirul mu’uminin (pbuh) said the supplication is ‘mukaffara’ between reading it and reading it again. Because you can read it more than once a year, if you want you can read it monthly, or weekly; every Thursday night. That is why it became a norm for us, we read it every Thursday night. But especially on the night of Nisfu Sha’aban, since it was reported for that purpose.


The reason why I bring this story is to show you that Nisfu Sha’aban is a renowned day. Just as different traditions came on the significance of this night, just as they said "Fiha yufraqu kullu amrin hakeem" is talking about the night. It’s on that day that they distribute all Allah’s command, they distribute everything that will happen in the year.

And you will see this kind of traditions regarding the night of destiny (lailatul Qadr). Like the traditions that explains "Surely We revealed it on the grand night." (Suratul Qadr, verse 1) and "Surely We revealed it on a blessed night surely We are ever warning–" (Suratu Dukhan, verse 3). So which one of them is the real night of destiny? We say ‘layalul Qadr’ (nights of destiny), because to us, the nights of destiny are many, and the night of Nisfu Sha’aban is among them.

Everything that is going to happen in the year is written and recorded on that night. So you see anything that is not recorded on that night will not be destined. Since it’s like a file that is submitted to be signed. So if (for instance) there’s a day for the signature, and they all got signed on that day, can a file be signed if it’s not submitted? Very good. Because it’s on the night of Nisfu Sha’aban that everything is written and recorded, but it’s not destined on that night.

And then those three nights of destiny of the month of Ramadan, so on the first night of destiny (of the month of Ramadan), so they will screen and see the things that will be removed (among the things you prayed for), then they remove them, and leave the rest. And then they screen for the second time, because there are three nights of destiny in Ramadan. Then finally, they will be signed and destined. So anything that is destined on that day is confirmed, everything that will happen in that year is recorded.

So right from the night of Nisfu Sha’aban, you should ask all that you wish to be destined for you in the year. Meaning if you want something to be recorded for you, you should ask for it right from the night of Nisfu Sha’aban. So if you are lucky and it got written and recorded, you will hope that it will be destined for you on the night of destiny (of the month of Ramadan). But if you are unlucky and it didn’t get written and recorded, so it will not even be screened not to talk of being destined.

Even ‘wufudul hajj’ is destined that day. All those that will go to Hajj are destined that day. As we all know going to Hajj is a major norm in Islam, but now they prevented going to Hajj. Last year everything took place in this world, football matches, wrestling, parties, they all took place except Hajj, because corona prevented Hajj. But in the case of football match, there’s no corona in the stadium, a dancing competition even took place in Saudi Arabia, no facemasks. Men and women were allowed that time to dance together. There’s no corona in the club, but they prevented Hajj. Why did they prevent Hajj? Because of corona. That they are afraid people might contract corona, so they prevented them from going to Hajj.

So if they destined that you will go to Hajj, nothing will stop you from going. If they write your name among those that will go to Hajj, Hajj will be destined for you and you will go whether they like it or not. You might not necessarily go physically. You might be unable to go physically, but you will be given the reward of performing Hajj.

There’s a story of Imam Jafar Sadiq (pbuh) in Arfa, many people came to Hajj that time. So someone said to Imam (pbuh) (in an astonishing manner): "ma aksaral hajij" (how plenty are this year’s pilgrims!) So Imam (pbuh) said: "ma aksaral lajij", meaning how plenty are this year’s noise makers! They are just ‘lajij’ (noise makers) not ‘hajij’ (pilgrims). He said noise makers are plenty, but it’s only two of us that perform Hajj, me and so-so person (he mentioned his name).

So Imam asked that person to come and look through his two blessed fingers. (I will just give illustration with my fingers. Sometimes I don’t like making illustrations with my ugly fingers). So Imam opened his two fingers, and that person look through the fingers and saw wolves, tigers, dogs, foxes, etcetera. The man saw that they are all animals. So Imam said this is what these pilgrims really are. So Imam is seeing them in their real form. They are all ‘lajij’. So he said is only me and so-so person that really performed Hajj.

So they later found out that the person that Imam said that is only two of them that performed Hajj did not even attend Hajj. They said he gathered his legitimate money, you know many people think that Hajj is just to go and circumambulate the Ka’aba. No it also has to do with your provision, provision is very important. Did you go with legitimate provision? Is your food legitimate? Is your clothes legitimate? If you didn’t fulfil these requirements, then even if you go for Hajj, you will just go there and be making noise then you come back home.

So it happened that that person reserved his provision to go to Hajj, as he was about to go, his neighbour fell sick and his family don’t have enough money for his medication, so he gave them the money that he planned to go to Hajj with. So Allah wrote his name among those that performed Hajj that year. You see! The reason why I’m telling you this long story is for you to understand that one can have the reward of going to Hajj without going physically.

Also, there are some acts that you would see in the ‘ma’athurat’ (reported sayings of the Ahlulbayt), they say if you perform so-so act, Allah will create an Angel in your form exactly (to perform Hajj on your behalf), if one sees the Angel he would say is so-so person. For example if they have written that Sayyid Khidir will perform Hajj, (and he unfortunately couldn’t make it), Allah will create an Angel in his form that would perform the Hajj on his behalf, and they will write the reward for him.

So you see if they have written Hajj for you, you might not be the one that will go physically, it might be an Angel that would go on your behalf, and you will have your full reward. Here they prevent you from going in the name of corona, but you still go (through an Angel). And it’s possible that you even go physically if Allah wills, against all odds.

It’s not only those that are going to Hajj they write, everything that will happen in the year is written, the good and the bad. Everything is ‘khair’ (beneficial) to a believer, (either good or bad). Just as reported in a tradition that everything that happen to a believer is ‘khair’ (beneficial). If he thank Allah for a blessing that happens to him, it will be beneficial to him. And if he’s patient when a calamity befalls him, it will also be beneficial to him. So we can say every blessing and calamity that will happen to you in the year will be written on the night of Nisfu Sha’aban.

That is why it’s important to seek refuge from all calamities that will happen to you in the year on this night, and ask Allah all the blessings of the year.

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