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Sheikh Zakzaky’s Speech at the Quranic memorization graduation in Kano + PICs

The ancient city of Dabo witnessed again the mammoth crowd eager to grace the third graduation ceremony of Fudiyya teen age pupils who memorized the whole Quran by heart.

 This event was conducted at the famous ‘ Filin gyada. ground near Kofar Mazugal in the municipality on Sunday, 7th Shawwal, 1433 H equivalent to 26th August, 2012.

In his opening remarks, the revered leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria extended his felicitations to Muslims on the successful completion of Ramadan Fast and subsequent Eid el Fitr celebrations. He reiterated the significance of Ramadan as a school whose students graduate with the certificate of Taqwa. Taqwa entails control of ones

actions of abiding by Allah’s injunctions and abstaining from HIS prohibitions.This should continue even after Ramadan.

Speaking on the aspect of the memorization of the Quran, Malam (H) said that the ceremony is an indication of the journey of the Ummah towards hopeful future.The Quran is the source of all knowledge and hence human civilization. The root of the  cherished advances in modern science and technology is the Quran. Muslims read in the name

of Allah. Europeans, after acquiring the basics turned it into the technology of destruction. They consider only the physique of the human beings and forgot about the soul or the spirit Thus they forgot Allah and HE made them to forget themselves. They have utter disregard to the hereafter. Hence they commit all atrocities all in a bid to satisfy the body, period. They do not bother to ponder on who and where  they are. Again, where are they heading to as the final abode/destination.

Commenting on how the Europeans tried to distort history, Sayyid Zakzaky (H) noted that the original scientific works to emanate from Arabs.Chemistry was from the Arabic Alchemy and Algebra was from the famous Jabir bn Hayyan.However, Malam was quick to observe that the source was and is still  Islam through the Quran.This

is clearly vindicated when one analyses the Arab literature which consists of nothing but tribal chauvinism and superstitions. The European literature on the other hand is even worse. It is full of uncleanliness, witchcraft and superstitious beliefs. The real source which they are hiding is the glorious Quran.

In anticipation of the vital question on the missing link that makes the Muslims to be backward now, Sheikh identified two things: First, the Muslims had put aside the Quran, which is the source of their glory. Secondly, the Europeans  resort to technology of destruction and dominated the World using indiscriminate and barbaric fire power.They thought they have finished with us. God so kind now our people more especially the youth are reverting to the source- the Quran.This is a good source of hope for the future.

In continuation with his speech, Sayyid (H) noted importantly that the Prophet has combined the Quran and his Itrah, his progeny, the Ahlul Bayt that they would never seperate till the day of reckoning.In other words there is not going to be a time when the Ahlul Bayt would be absent.The Prophet has explained unambiguously who are the Ahlul Bayt.

He categorically stated that "Ali is with the Quran and the Quran is with Ali". So the actions of anybody who is not among the Itrah would not be congruent to the dictates of the Holy book.

Malam (H), admonished the graduands to act according to the injunctions of the Quran. He hoped for the prosperity of the Ummah, more especially in these difficult trying times.

Dauda Nalado