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Sheikh Zakzaky’s Speech at Maulud Khatmah in Zaria /Pics

By Ibrahim Usman
Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) has addressed Maulud     Khatmah at the Zaria City Juma’at Mosque on Sunday, 2nd Rabi’ul Thani 1345 AH ( 2/2/2014), which officially signifies the close of Maulud celebration programmes for the year.

The Leader said, Islam has many Sha’a’ir (symbolic representation) with special attributes through actions of individuals or events that history recalls. Among all these Sha’a’ir, he explained, man stands out. According to him, Prophet Muhammad (S), who is the Pinnacle of God’s creation, was sent to mankind with a message to be emulated so that man can gain salvation in the hereafter.

Man, unlike ordinary men, Sheikh Zakzaky added, the Holy Prophet (S) lived with men and acted in the like manner so that ordinary men find him easy to be emulated after gaining their complete trust and confidence. He said, people during the time of the Holy Prophet knew him so well, and even testified to his exemplary conduct and transparent honesty. “Even the miracles surrounding his birth were a testimony to his prophet hood”, he added.

Sheikh Zakzaky added that, the Jews knew the Prophet so well, as his coming was foretold in their scripture. “They were fully aware of his coming, none of them was in doubt or disputed that he was that Prophet prophesized in the books. But due to sentiments, they rejected the message he brought, just as did the Arabs for tribal sentiment”. He said, rejection of true message had been a standing tradition and habit of mankind through history, as all Prophets were rejected by their people. “This rejection shown to the Holy Prophet (S) became a spring board to his success. He was forced to defend himself, out of necessity he fought battles, and Allah gave him victory”.

The Leader further stated that, such tradition runs through reformers and saints to this day. “No Prophet, reformer or saint with a message from Allah was readily welcomed by his people”. As a result of outward rejection of God’s message, he explained, the Jews killed prophets to safeguard their social status and maintain the status quo.

Sheikh Zakzaky lamented that, some people misconceived the personality of the Holy Prophet (S) that they regard him as an ordinary being, who had delivered his message and died, not worthy of remembrance. “The Prophet (S) is alive. Like his living message, he lives with us. You cannot divorce the Prophet (S) from the message he brought, he is the human message, an embodiment of that message at all times. If you ridicule or degrade his personality, you ridicule or degrade the message he brought. This is why every aspect of this Prophet (S) is worthy of remembrance, praise and celebration, and his birthday is part of it. We cannot offer the desired honour, respect and love to the Holy Prophet (S) worthy of his personality before Allah. It is immeasurable,” said the Leader.

He said, this outward rejection of the message of the Holy Prophet (S) that led to imposed battles on him led to the people discarding his will on who would succeed him. Sadly, he pointed out, the situation eventually produced rulers, and not leaders with prophetic message after the demise of the Holy Prophet (S). Such sad situation, the Leader further explained, also led to fabrications and misrepresentation regarding the unmatched status of the Holy Prophet (S).

“Now they brought to us a new religion here from among our midst, which professes limiting the love and status of the Holy Prophet (S) as an ordinary being! They also propagate the ideology of nationalism; that we are a secular nation with the same destiny, no difference in religious inclination. This they want us to believe”. Sheikh Zakzaky explained that, this ideology was introduced after the conquest of Africa by the colonialists, and the deliberate carving out of like regions with similar history, culture and religion, like Niger and Nigeria. “As far as we are concerned, Niger and Nigeria are Muslim brothers and sisters, and one community”.

The Leader said, the Holy Prophet (S) during his life time prophesized the capture and domination of Turkey and Rome by Muslims, and that the prophecy on Turkey came to pass before he died. He said, without any doubt, the prophecy of the Holy Prophet (S) still stands and the Muslim world awaits that of Rome with all hope. “We await the prophecy on Rome and its neighbors, New York, Paris, etc. Islam will engulf the entire world with the re-emergence of the Awaited Saviour, Imam Mahdi (AF) from the progeny of the Holy Prophet, from the lineage of Fatimah (AS), daughter of the Holy Prophet”.

Among those who attended the occasion was the Imam of Basawa Juma’at Mosque. Highlights included presentation of prizes to best performing areas during the Maulud celebration. The first prize went to Hanwa, Zaria; second prize went to Bakin Kogi Ikara, while the third prize went to Kudan.