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Muhammad Ibraheem the only surviving son of Sheikh Zakzaky speaks on the genocide in Zaria.

"Thank God, I have been able to finally speak to my sister after seven days of terror, compliments of the Nigerian army. They have been released from the ordeal of tbeing with an army that is supposed to protect them. But I call to all those who care that, We must continue with our peaceful protests, how ever and whenever we can. Just as we have been doing for over the last 30 years, and as long as we breathe I hope that we will continue to do so.
We will continue to protest in order to demand our right to bury our dead properly, to tend to our wounded and to see to the health of our leader, my father.
Then comes our property which has either been destroyed or fenced by looters under the whatch of the Nigerian Army.
I will continue to demand unbiased, impartial justice, for my six brothers, for as long as I breathe"