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Sheikh Zakzaky’s Daughter Message to Brothers and Sisters of IMN

Below is a message conveyed to members of Islamic Movement in Nigeria by Suhaila Ibraheem, the daughter of Shaikh Zakzaky. The transcribed message translates from Hausa Language to English by Ammar M. Rajab. 

The blessing and peace of Almighty Allah be upon you, my name is Suhaila Ibraheem, I am the daughter of Malam Ibraheem Zakzaky (h). I am recording this message to you because we understand many members of the Movement do not understand what actually happened when Shaikh Zakzaky arrested.

He was shot under my watch, it is not one or two shot, he has been shot 1-2 times with bullet which enters his body. He was shot in his right leg, and his left hand. In his left hand, there were bullet that penetrated his body; there are also Two (2) bullets that brushed him. With God’s willing, the two shot only brush him (excluding the one that penetrate his body), but he was injured. Beneath his left eyes, bullet brushed him also, his eyes closed and swollen up, and blood still coming-out (at the time).

We are at home with my younger brothers, when the soldiers entered, we are in our room then, and the soldiers entered and started shooting sporadically. My younger brothers; Hammad, Ali and Humaid were all killed in cold blood on our own eyes. We understand that the Nigerian soldiers are trying to cover and hide these atrocities, because they are afraid of what it will result to, that they are thinking aftermath of the massacre. Surely, the Nigerian army killed my three younger brothers; Hammad and Humaid they shot on their forehead, surely they have been killed.

However they shot my mother in her stomach and leg, and god’s willing, it is not that too hard to her, because even she was shot, she still walked with the bullet (in her leg and stomach). Before we left the place, they beat her up (our mother), at the time we were with some of the sisters. The sisters that we are together, the soldiers all pulled their veils, and they all beat us. After all, they took us from our house to Barracks, and then disunite us with Shaikh Zakzaky.

Some of our brothers and sisters don’t know the exact number of our brothers that are been killed by the Nigerian army. It’s precisely that brothers and sisters (members of IMN) stand with their foot (firmly), and many people sacrificed. Actually, before they (the Nigerian army) reached to Shaikh Zakzaky they killed many people; they killed hundreds people, only almighty Allah knows the thousand that were been killed (become martyrs). It is time brothers and sisters to prepared, stand firmly and prepared to sacrifice, this is because, initially, every person that took this path knows which path it is. It’s in our own knowledge that God test (in this path) shall be posed to us. Let’s look on our leader; he was tested severally, his 6 children were killed. Our brothers and sisters have to understand that it’s time to prepare ourselves.

Our leader before he was been shot and arrested he said; “Alhamdulillah, brothers and sisters stand firmly, and they stand beyond our thinking.” Our leader he is proud of us. Let’s not be silent, do not let our silent lead something to happen to our leader. Perhaps, let’s resist, don’t let our silent to hurt us. Let’s continues our struggle.
Meanwhile, brothers and sisters let continue our struggle, and don’t let this to make you weak. Let’s continue our protest until our leader is Released to us. Even in the last minute before they shot our leader, he said; “resort to almighty Allah! If God destined to be Martyrs, by god’s willing we prepared. Is the almighty Allah that plans it to us.”

Please brothers and sisters let’s prepare, we know the path we take, surely almighty Allah will test us.