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Sheikh Zakzaky’s case further adjourns to 7 Nov.

Today the 4th of October 2018 is the day fixed for hearing of Sheikh Zakzkay’s case at High Court Kaduna.It is expected that the court was to deliver a ruling on the bail application brought by the defense lawyers, however, the case has been further adjourned to Wednesday the 7th of November 2018. 

Speaking few minutes at the Court Premises in Kaduna after the adjournment, the Counsel to Sheikh Zakzaky Barrister Maxwell Kyon explained that the court could not sit because Sheikh Zakzaky could not be brought to Court.
He said the Prosecutor told the Court that Sheikh could not be brought before the Court owing to visit of Muhammad Buhari to Kaduna today Thursday the 4th of Oct 2018. The prosecutor further asked the Judge for adjournment to which the Judge granted his request by fixing 7th of Nov 2018 for the hearing, he said.

Obververs opined that the adjournment is delibrate move to delay the case of Sheikh Zakzaky owing to the the fact that the freedom of the Sheikh is at hand, this is because  couple of days ago judgment of over 104 of those arrested in the house of Sheikh Zakzaky and elsewhere had been delivered in which they were cleared of ALL charges- charges that are also the same with that of the Sheikh. Each of the accused was handed over with a copy of the Judgment by the Kaduna Court.

Sheikh Zakzaky was detention since Dec 2015 following attack by the Nigerian army on his residence in Gyallesu. The Soldiers killed over one thousand of his followers in Gyallesu, Husainiyyah and Dembo cemetery. All properites belonging to the Islamic Movement have demolished by the Kaduna state Government including the resident of the Sheikh.