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Sheikh Zakzaky the Most Oppressed Person in the World

By Saminu Azare
The Injustice and human right violations meted against Nigerian Islamic scholar Sheikh Zakzaky could be described as the world worst injustice that had ever happened to an innocent person who has not committed any offence or violated any law of the federal Republic of Nigeria

 apart from preaching for unity, peace, fairness, and fighting injustice, impunity and all its ramifications in the multi-religious society
Perhaps someone should ask why Nigerian Army on Saturday 12-12-2015 aroung 12:00 pm laid siege on the resident of Sheikh Zakzaky at Gyallesu Area in Zaria which resulted to the death of over 1000 defenseless innocent Shia Muslims, the questions would remained unanswered because his resident is 8 kilometers away from Hussainiyya where the alleged road blockade to Chief of Army Staff Tukur Burutai took place. What was the reason behind the killing of his sons? Why his elder sister Fatima Yaqoub was burnt alive? Why sheikh Zakzaky and his wife Malama Zeenatudden were shot and detained with various degrees of gun injuries by the Nigerian Security operatives.
Nigerian Army must explain to Nigerians, Human right groups and International communities on whose order they invaded Gyallesu and demolished Sheikh Zakzaky’shouse, hismothers grave at Unguwar Jushi and Graves of his 3 children at Dembo village along Jos Road also what offence had graves committed under Nigerian Law?
If Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari is a good democratic citizen why his government refused to obey Judgment of Federal High court Abuja presided by Justice Gabriel Kolawale on 2-12-2016 which he declared that Sheikh Zakzaky must be release within 45 days with compensation of 50millions to the Sheikh and his wife also the Federal Government should buy house for him in any State of his choice in Nigeria
It is only under tyrant Buhari’s regime that religious scholar has being in detention with his wife for the offence allegedly committed by his followers at the same time pays financial expenses of his feeding, medical expenses of gun injuries and treatment of his eye at the same time refused his request to bring in foreign medical experts talkless of allowing him for foreign medical trip
If the perpetrators of Zaria massacre could justify the atrocities on the alleged road blockade to Chief of Army Staff Yusuf Burutai, have they forgotten on 13 February-1976 when the Head of State Gen. Murtala Muhammad was blocked on his way to official assignment by late Col Dimka and later assassinated him but after thorough investigation the perpetrators were arrested and prosecuted before the military tribunal, those found guilty were sentenced to death but none of their relatives were intimidated, Col. Dimka’s sons were not killed, his house was not demolished, his wife was not shot, his elder sister was not burnt to alive, his family members enjoys freedom of movement without any discrimination or intimidation all these happened under Head of State Gen. Obasanjo why Sheikh Zakzaky’s case is different despite the fact that Nigeria today is under democratic system where rule of law exist according to Nigerian Law.