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Sheikh Zakzaky stressed the need for collective effort towards reformation of society

By Ibrahim Usman
At the sixth edition of the Annual Sallah Feast organized by the Resource Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, His Eminence Allama Sayyed Ibraheem Zakzaky said, only through collective effort that sustained development can be achieved in any nation.

Speaking as the Chief Host of the occasion which took place at the Hussainiyyah Baqiyyatulla Zaria, Sheikh Zakzaky pointed out that, each and every member of the society must see himself as part as a necessary catalyst for reformation of the society, and as well strive towards actualizing it.

Citing many historical examples of self and collective effort, he further explained that ineptitude and resignation to divine fate can never bring about the needed change. “Each and every one of us has a great role to play or contribution to make to the drive for emancipation of the society”.

He however lamented the lukewarm attitude of Nigerians, who expect everything to be done to them, without contributing anything or giving back to the society. “It is give and take”, he added.

Sheikh Zakzaky stated that, the idea of establishing the Resource Forum by the Islamic Movement was out of the need for collective pooling of intellectual resources from people of all walks in life to form a common front for development.

He however said, sacrifices have to be made so that the future generations will take pride and glorify existence of the effort saying, “what we enjoy today are as a result of sacrifices made by our predecessors”.

He added that, even if a person is not interested in social reformation, the general belief in judgment in the hereafter should prompt one to do what is right.

”We must all stand up to what is good, shun and do away with what is bad for our own good and that of the society. Everyone will be judged in the hereafter regarding a minute act of good and bad”.

Sheikh Zakzaky said, he had wanted to live relatively quiet, anonymous life of a civil servant to contribute his quota upon completion of his university education, but governments of those days saw his call for justice and equity as a threat and decided to keep him in prison on many occasions.

“There I found a new pre-occupation, a new job where I can equally contribute my quota. I decided to keep aside the Economic I read, which was a threat to them and took this path. I sincerely wanted to be civil servant and remain low key”.

Allama Zakzaky said, in whatever situation one finds himself there must be a role he has to play for the betterment of the society. “Don’t wait for divine deliverance, search within your soul first and see what you can offer”, he concluded.

Those who also spoke at the occasion included Dr. Abdullahi Wase, a security expert and social commentator; Barrister Solomon Dalong, a prominent norther elder-statesman and social commentator; and Pastor Yohanna Y. Buru, Founder Chrust Evangelical Church Kaduna and humanitarian.

Guests at the occasion were treated to a grand feast and there was exchange of pleasantries.


sallah feast 2015 sallah feast 2015