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Sheikh Zakzaky speaks to a section of Journalists for the first time in two years

In an edited video clip made available to the public, the leader explained that his personal physicians were allowed to see him for the first time. 

The following is the transcript of one-minute, 20 second interaction of Sheikh Zakzaky with journalists at a ‘safe facility’ in Abuja. He walked towards the journalist in a white flowing gown with turban.
The journalists moved towards him. They were cracking jokes and continued thus:
Journalist: Good Afternoon sir?
Sheikh Zakzaky: How are you?
Journalist: Can we have a word with you?
Sheikh El-Zakzaky: If they agree and allow me (He says so jokingly)
Journalist: How are you feeling now?
Sheik El-Zakzaky: It was severe on me on Monday, but susbsequently it started subsiding, for the first time at least,  trhe security have allowed me to see my own doctors, it was my own doctors who examined me,.
 Before I used to be examined by securty doctors but im getting better thanks for all your prayers. I thank God.

Journalist: Do you have anything to add.
Sheikh El-Zakzaky: I thank you for all your prayers
Journalist: Thank you sir
Sheikh ElZakzaky: Thanks (As he walked away)

In the first place the meeting with the Journalist was not planned. The Sheikh was actually told that he ill be taken for a medical test in a laboratory and was later told that some people want to see him. He was not aware of any interview or press conference. The interview might have been organized in order to show the public that the Sheikh is alive-which is a good idea, following rumors of his death or deteriorating health condition after he suffered partial stroke. Whatever the case, the interview can neither save the Government from criticism for illegally detaining the Sheikh despite court order nor stop continued protests to release him for proper medical care.
Series of the protest by brothers and sisters made the Government to make such plan of organizing unprepared interview in order to fool the public to believe that the Sheikh was in good condition of health.
First of all, his detention is illegal by the constitution of Nigeria and secondly a respected Court had already passed Judgment ordering the Federal Government to release him. It is shame on the Nigerian Government to deceive the public with such stage managed interview.
The Journalist actually asked the Sheikh about his health condition following his sickness. He told them the his doctors were allowed to see him for the first when he felt sick couple of days ago. His personal doctors were not allowed to see him since his arrest, it was doctors sent by the DSS used to check his condition. He told them that he was feeling better and expressed gratitude to God for this and thanked people for their continued prayers for his quick recovery.
The Sheikh cannot and did not commend DSS neither the Government because it is the Government which killed his children and followers and put him in detention illegally and refused to release him despite court injunction to do so.

sheikh zakzaky speaks to journalists

sheikh zakzaky speaks to journalists