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Sheikh Zakzaky speaks on the concept of Wilayatil Faqih

The Leader of the Islamic Movement Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky gave an opening speech at an Islamic Vacation Course (IVC) on Monday the 16th of April 2012
at Fudiyyah Islamic Center (F.I.C.).  The IVC programme is attended primary, secondary and tertiary students which is aimed at impacting Islamic knowledge to the students during holidays.

Speaking to the participants of the short course, the Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria delivered an inspiring speech on the concept of Wilayatil Faqih.  Speaking on the term wilayatil faqih Sheikh Zakzaky expressed that the terminology is made of two words- Wilayah and Faqih.
He described the literal meaning of a faqeehi which he said it means one who understand and grasps. He however added that its technical meaning can be defined to be a jurist -one who attained high degree of knowledge and can deduce religious rulings in matters and affairs of people.
He elaborated further that knowing rulings does not make a person a jurist except those who can deduce them.
With regard to the path of Ahlulbayt Sheikh Zakzaky explained that a faqeeh must be God fearing, devoid of materialism and his actions must be in conformity with Sharia. He must also be a person who does not incline to worldly things.
While speaking on Wilayah Sheikh Zakzaky described its meaning according the level of understanding of the participants where he said it means obedience to the leader. Thus in a nutshell wilayatil faqeeh meaning leadership of a jurist, he noted.
In another part of his speech he explained that the followers of Ahlulbayt(AS) don’t have problem with regard to following a jurist as it is an established fact. However, he said that the followers of School of companions have problems especially with regard to choosing a leader and how he should be obeyed. They don’t see leadership as position which can only be attained by having fulfilled certain known conditions.
On the concept of wilayatil Faqih Sheikh Zakzaky noted that Imam Khomeini(QS) was not the first to introduce it; it is however been established in the teaching of A’immah(AS). It was however Imam Khomeini the first the put the concept into practice in the modern time.
Before closing the lecture Sheikh Zakzaky answered some questions of the participants.