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Sheikh Zakzaky Speaks on Prophet Ibraheem (AS)’s sacrifice

The Leader of the Islamic Movement in NIgeria Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky  explained the Muslims shall emulate the commendable sacrifice of Prophet Ibraheem (alaihis salam)  who carried  out the command of Allah in sacrificing  his child Isma’el on 10th of Dhul Hijjah.



He explained this during Eid prayer. he led at Husainiyyah Baqiyatullah Zaria on Saturday the 1st of dhul Hajj 1435. The Sheikh described the prayer as ‘prayer of hope’ as its conditions are not fully met; it was attended by thousands of Muslims.

He called on Muslims to emulate the sacrifice of Prophet Ibraheem(AS).

He further said that the martrydom of Muslim Bn Aqeel should be remembered too. Imam Husain (Alaihis salam) sent him on his behalf to receive people’s allegiance, he was however martryed there on Arafat day. In the same vein, the four grand children of Imam Hasan(alaihis salam) who were killed by Mamun should also be remembered. They were killed in cold blood while in prison in 154AH.