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Sheikh Zakzaky speaks on Potiskum Attack

By k. Isah
The Leader of the Islamic  in Nigeria Sheikh Zakzaky described the  killing of people in Potiksum as pre-planned as the procession ended peacefully. he made the statement on Monday the 10th of Muharram 1436 (3/11/14) at Husainiyyah Baqiyyatullah Zaria. 

He said on Monday the 3rd of Nov . 2014,  a bomb was thrown by the Nigerian Soldiers on people returning from Ashura procession in Potsikum which killed 27 and over 80 sustained injuries.

Not only that, the Sheikh added, that roads were blocked by the soldiers  to deny the injured access to hospital.

The Sheikh added that in Nigeria what only exists is a government of wild beast whose only concern is killing of innocent lives. They planned a bigger crime in Zaria compared with that of Potiskum  as poisonous gas is part of the weapons to be used against people in Zaria by  troops already brought to the city to commit the crime .

Surprisingly, he said, the President kept quite over the killing in Potiskum  confirming his full knowledge and order for  being the Commander In chief.  Similarly, the president did nothing over July Quds Day killings by the Nigerian soldiers as he is working for Zionist regime of Israel.

He lamented that soldiers should not kill Civilians, whom they ought to protect. Even during civil disturbance, soldiers should work under police to restore order.  Alas, the soldiers threw bomb into the crowd and opened fire as people trek back to their destinations in Potiskum!  In July, innocent people were killed by soldiers led  S. O Oku who,  by standard army formation, Oku does not deserve any rank. Unfortunately, he moves freely despite the crime he committed.

This level of crime shows that these people are worst than Yazid’s army going  by the way they  killed –throwing  bomb  in the midst of children! Only beast can do that, he said adding that  If they shift blame on a group when ever such crime is committed, this  time around,  they can never blame any group for the killings; they are the same people who are killing innocent citizens  in the  North East. They are the Boko Haram as  they are just working for Zionists in America and Israel.

The killing of people during Quds procession In Zaria was planned as they identified the victims by their names  and tortured them to death.  Unfortunately, the government of Nigeria, including  both lower and upper chamber, did not say anything on the killings to date. Now they have repeated it in Potiskum, while the one planned in Zaria could not take place by God’s intervention, though, the mission is still there.

With this killing of women and children, Sheikh Zakzaky noted that,  they have achieved nothing  as this a  time of commemorating the martyrdom of pure soul Imam Husain(AS) and his families and companions. Most of those killed in Potskum are children who performed Karbala drama and other children who watched the drama.

He cited that In one of the Ashura gatherings in Iran one Scholar described UK , US and illegal state of Israel as representatives of Yazid. In the same vein, the leaders in Nigeria are dogs of Zionists and they are responsible for the killings. The atrocities  committed by Nigerian security operatives shows that they  will not stop. They will continue to kill. They wanted to commit the worse in Zaria and still they have that plan. The so called leaders who killed their citizens have no concern for human lives and such they don’t deserve any honour or title.  They have killed my small children.

Commons sense suggests that even if one does not believe in doing good, shall aspire to leave behind good name for posterity.  Those dogs who serve American and Israel would be remembered in accordance with the crime they committed. They indulge in drinking and homosexual.  Their concern is what they get  and as such they will be cursed by their grand children in future.

 What is being read about Karbala of crimes and attrocities  still exist- there exist Yazid and Husain presently. The activities of the Islamic Movement, which revives Karbala lessons,  will continue to cast fear in the hearts of the present day Yazids; what is being observed  today, of massive participation in ashura programmes,  must cast fear them.