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Sheikh Zakzaky speaks on martyrdom of Imam Ridha (AS), expounds virtues of Yaum Dahwul Ardh

s zakzakyBy Ibrahim Usman
At the end of the weekly Tafsir at the Hussainiyyah Baqiyyatullah on Wednesday, Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, His Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky commemorated the martyrdom of Imam Ali Bin Musa al-Ridha (AS) which falls on 23rd of Zul Qa’adah.

 Sheikh Zakzaky said for time constraint no special time was set aside to commemorate the event as was done on the Imam’s birthday, as the period coincided with the Weekly Tafisr.

 He therefore urged people to observe the event through Ziyarat (visitation) from far and near. “On this occasion tomb of the Imam is usually filled to capacity with pilgrims form far and near”.

 On the Yawm Dahwul Ardh (the day on which the earth was spread) which will fall on the 25th of Zul Qa’adah, the Leader stated that the day is very significant, as one of the four days fasting is recommended. Fasting on that day, he explained, is equivalent to reward of 70 years fasting, and that accumulated sins of 70 years forgiven by Allah.

 “According to reports, he who fast on that day and observed vigil (of strict devotion) in the night is given 100 years reward of equivalent devotion, and all that is between the heavens and earth will seek forgiveness for him before Allah”.

 Sheikh Zakzaky also said Allah showers his blessing on His servants on the day, especially on congregation of devotees. He therefore recommended the book du’as, Mafatihul Jinan as a guide, adding a day 2 Raka’ats (unit) prayer is observed at sunrise in Suratul Shams is recited in each of the 2 raka’ats.

He also explained that the day coincided with the day Imam Ridha (AS) was arrested, and urged people to recite the du’a the Imam recited on the day.